Is Hero Impulse still available?

Is Hero Impulse still available?

The Hero Impulse is a motorcycle produced by Hero MotoCorp Ltd. Production was discontinued in 2016, sales were stopped in 2014 due to poor demand.

Why were impulse bikes discontinued?

Due to a low demand, Hero MotorCorp has discontinued its dual-purpose motorcycle, the Impulse which has been de-listed from the company’s official website. The engine was mated to a 5-speed transmission and the model was based on Honda’s NXR Bros motorcycle that is sold in international markets.

Is Hero Impulse worth buying?

So comfortable for daylong ride. This bike is very stylish and ride for off road, it’s mileage is near about 50 kmpl, it is very tall and high bike. It’s an amazing bike & comfortable for long drive.

When Hero Impulse launch?

April 1, 2016: Hero MotoCorp introduced its premium 150cc motorcycle named as the Impulse to serve the needs of off-road biking enthusiasts in India.

Is XPulse 200 good for touring?

Now let us come to the road touring manners. Well, with all the weight of the luggage, the Xpulse can do a comfortable 80kmph all day long, without stressing the engine or the rider. While the 80kmph touring speed isn’t much, it works well for highways like the old Mumbai-Goa one as it is home to lots of curvy roads.

Which is best impulse or Xpulse?

The Impulse had a Honda-derived 149.2cc engine whereas the XPulse 200’s heart is developed by Hero MotoCorp….

Specifications Hero Impulse Hero XPulse 200
Peak power 13.2PS at 7500rpm 18.4PS at 8000rpm
Maximum torque 13.4Nm at 5000rpm 17.1Nm at 6500rpm
Transmission 5-speed 5-speed

What is the price of hero impulse?

Hero Impulse price in Bangalore started from ₹ 71,400. Hero Impulse was available in 1 variant and 5 colors….Hero Impulse On Road Price in Bangalore (Variants)

Variant Last recorded On Road Price Specs
Hero Impulse Standard ₹ 80,647 149 cc, Petrol, 55 kmpl

Which is better impulse or XPulse?

Which is best impulse or XPulse?

Is Impulse bike available in India?

Hero Impulse is now discontinued in India.

Is Xpulse 200 good for Ladakh?

Hero XPulse 200 cc has a long front suspension to handle bad roads and one of the very lightweight bikes to manage off-road. Some additional benefits of this bike are, it is one of the most affordable motorcycles for bike trips to Leh Ladakh, and it is as capable as the most expensive motorcycles on this list.

Is Xpulse 200 good for long drive?

Both motorcycles get a five-speed gearbox, which is rather smooth without any trouble in shifting or finding neutral. In terms of top speed, the two are capable of about 120 km/h. But while touring, I’d say 80-90 km/h is the sweet spot where the XPulse twins can sit for long.