Is Flavia still married to Jimi Mistry?

Is Flavia still married to Jimi Mistry?

They might not have reached the Strictly finals in 2010, but Flavia Cacace and Jimi Mistry did end up as a couple, waltzing off in real life.

Who is Vincent Flavia?

Flavia Cacace-Mistry born 1980 is an Italian British professional dancer. Her professional dance partner is Vincent Simone (they are branded when performing together as ‘Vincent and Flavia’), and for ten years both partners appeared on the BBC’s Strictly Come Dancing.

Who is Flavia from Strictly married to?

Jimi MistryFlavia Cacace / Spouse (m. 2013)

Where is Vincent Simone now?

Exclusive! Strictly’s Vincent Simone and wife Susan talk about their move to Ireland and a moving family story. Strictly star Vincent Simone has spoken of his idyllic new life in the Northern Ireland countryside.

Who is Vincent Simone’s wife?

Susan DuddyVincent Simone / Wife (m. 2015)

Who is Jimi Mistry wife?

Flavia Cacacem. 2013
Meg Leonardm. 2001–2010
Jimi Mistry/Wife
He resides in Devon with his wife, dancer Flavia Cacace, his professional dance partner on Strictly Come Dancing in 2010. The couple married in December 2013.

Was Vincent and Flavia a couple?

He and his former Strictly co-star, who were a couple for 11 years, are still professional partners and the best of friends, even though both are married to other people and Flavia has invited Vincent to spend Christmas with her and her husband, actor Jimi Mistry, if his wife Susan and their two sons can’t make it to …

Why did Flavia and Vincent break up?

The couple dated for three years but sadly split in 2010. Flavia said the breakup was “amicable”, telling the Sun: “We have broken up. It was due to our work – travelling so much and being away from home so much. “We are still in touch and very good friends.”

Who was Flavia professional partner?

dancer Vincent Simone
Her professional partner is fellow Strictly dancer Vincent Simone. They have been dancing together for 13 years and turned professional in 2001. Flavia’s speciality is the Argentine Tango.

Who is Vincent Simone wife?

How old is Flavia?

41 years (March 13, 1980)Flavia Cacace / Age

Where are Vincent and Flavia now?

In 2019 Vincent is touring in the U.K. together with Ian Waite in ‘The Ballroom boys’ whilst Flavia is developing her own Dance, health and fitness website which will launch later in the year.