How long do you have to complete Ile?

How long do you have to complete Ile?

AR 350-1 authorizes students 18 months to complete the course. You can take the entire time if needed. However, most students who remain engaged will finish the course in 12 months or less.

How long is Army Reserve Ile?

– Attend a Reserve Component ILE course. This is a three phased course offered over a 13 month period. Phase I consists of a two week TDY to one of several locations in the early summer months. Phase II is then conducted at local reserve units one weekend day or one weeknight weekly between October and May.

How do I apply for Ile Army?

How to Sign Up for Army ILE? You can learn more about the course in ATRRS. The course number is 701-1-250-ILE. I recommend that you sit down with your Readiness NCO or unit S3 Training NCO to get enrolled.

What does Ile mean in Army?

Intermediate Level Education/ Advanced Operations Warfighting Course. ILE is the Army’s formal education program for senior captains and majors. ILE consists of a common core of operational instruction offered to all officers, and additional education opportunities tied to the requirements of the officer’s branch or FA …

What Army course comes after Captains?

Upon graduation from the Captain’s Career Course, students will be prepared to assume Company Command or serve on a Battalion or Brigade level staff, joint and multi-national environments. This includes positions such as Battalion S3, Battalion S4, Company Commander, Assistant Brigade Staff and more.

Is there an adso for Ile?

Officers who attend a senior service college (SSC), intermediate level education (ILE) (formerly Command and Staff College) level schooling, or equivalent foreign military schools, or equivalent training with the Department of Justice incur a 2-year ADSO.

What is Captains Career Course in the Army?

The Captain’s Career Course, also referred to as CCC provides a rigorous course of instruction to prepare Company Grade Officers to perform the most difficult job our Army has to offer – leading Soldiers in combat.

How long is US Army Ile?

ILE is a ten-month graduate-level program; the curriculum includes instruction on leadership philosophy, military history, and the military planning and decision-making processes. There is one ILE class per year; starting in August and ending in June.

How long is military intelligence CCC?

20 week
CW2 Christopher G. The MICCC (Military Intelligence Captain’s Career Course) is ran by the 304th MI Brigade. This course is a 20 week long course and many resources can be found here at the MI Library in regards to the course.