How far apart do you plant lettuce and spinach?

How far apart do you plant lettuce and spinach?

When seedlings sprout to about two inches, thin them to 3-4 inches apart. Beyond thinning, no cultivation is necessary. Roots are shallow and easily damaged. Keep soil moist with mulching.

What should not be planted with lettuce?

Try to avoid growing lettuce next to broccoli, brussels sprouts, cabbage, cauliflower, kale, or kohlrabi—while some varieties of lettuce may help these cabbage-family (brassicas) crops to grow, these plants have particular root secretions that can prevent lettuce seeds from germinating.

What vegetables grow well with spinach?

Spinach Companion Planting: 10 Plants to Grow with Spinach

  • Brassicas.
  • Other Leafy Vegetables.
  • Alliums.
  • Nightshades.
  • Cucurbits.
  • Beans & Peas.
  • Umbellifers.
  • Strawberries.

What grows well with lettuce and spinach?

Lettuce benefits from having most vegetables near it. Chives and garlic, in particular, are good neighbors because they naturally repel aphids, a common problem for lettuce. Similarly marigolds, one of the big powerhouses of pest repellers, can be planted near lettuce to help keep the bugs away.

When should I plant lettuce and spinach?

Most salad greens are cool weather crops, growing in early spring when the temperatures are in the 50 to 68 F (10 to 20 C) range. Once the heat of summer arrives, greens like lettuce, arugula, and spinach quickly bolt with the plants switching from leaf to flower and seed production.

When should I plant spinach?

Sow spinach seed as early as six weeks before the last frost or as soon as you can work the soil. Prepare the soil the previous autumn, and you’ll be able to drop the seeds in barely thawed ground come spring. In areas with a long, cool spring, make successive plantings every 10 days until mid-May.

What can you not plant with spinach?

Spinach – A good companion for Brassicas, eggplants, leeks, lettuce, peas, radish, and strawberries, particularly. Don’t plant spinach near potatoes.

What should you not plant near spinach?

Spinach Some of the gardeners that grow spinach have found that they do not do well when planted together with potatoes.

What Cannot be planted with spinach?

What should you not plant with spinach?

Can lettuce spinach and kale be planted together?

Other excellent kale companion plants include a variety of tasty vegetables. You can safely plant other leafy greens like lettuce, celery, spinach, or swiss chard, which are all in different families, so they won’t attract the same pests as kale, which is in the Brassicaceae family.