How does a fish plate work?

How does a fish plate work?

Functions of Fish Plates are : a) To join the rail ends to maintain the line and level of the top table and gauge face of the rail ends and to resist the impact and prevent the deflection of the rail joint with the help of closely spaced sleeper support. b) To transfer the load of the wheels from one rail to the other.

What is a fish weld?

A weld on fish plate is used when joining two pieces of metal together when added strength is important. Other terms for fish plates are fishplate, chassis gusset, chassis plate, splice bar, and joint bar.

What is fish plating a frame?

1. 20. Fish plating a frame is typically used when someone is building a custom frame and two pieces of steel are met and a plate is created to overlap both pieces to add structure support: Copy link CC BY-SA 3.0.

What are the different types of fish plates in use?

Fishplate also known as rail joint bar has 4 major types: Standard Fishplate, Joggled Fishplate, Special Fishplate, Combination/Compromised fishplate.

How many bolts are in a fish plate?

There are two fishplates and four bolts and four nuts at one joint. According to Indian Railways Specification (IRS T-1/57), a fishplate shall be manufactured using a special type of steel with composition given below: a.

What is the length and diameter of fish plate?

The size of billet for manufacturing fish plate bars shall be minimum 125mm X 125mm in normalized heat treated condition.

What is the size of fish plate?

about 8 to 9 inches
The fish plate is a specialized plate about 8 to 9 inches in diameter. It is not made as part of a dinnerware set, but is recognizable by ornamentation in a fish pattern.

Why is it called fish plating?

In rail terminology, a fishplate, splice bar or joint bar is a metal bar that is bolted to the ends of two rails to join them together in a track. The name is derived from fish, a wooden bar with a curved profile used to strengthen a ship’s mast.

What is a plug weld?

A weld made in a circular hole in one member of a joint fusing that member to another member. A fillet-welded hole is not to be construed as conforming to this definition.

What is the length of fish plate?

The standard rail length is 12.5m and 25m….GB Standard Railway Fish Plate.

Specification Standard Material
50KG TB/T 2345-2008 B7

What is the required number of fish plates per km in BG?

Number of fish-plates per km of track length = 2 × 157 = 314 nos.

What is diameter of fish plate?

At each rail joint, a pair of fish plates is used. Holes are drilled through the web of rails and the rails are joined together by using Fish Plates and tightening fish bolts with the help of nuts. The standard diameter of fish bolts for use on BG, MG and NG are 25 mm, 22 mm and 18 mm respectively.