How Do You Catch a Big Rainbow Trout?

How Do You Catch a Big Rainbow Trout?

You go on fishing with the hope that you will trap some large trout but always you end up catching the small trout. It is disappointing to you, you feel, your pride is hurt. Being able to catch the large trout is an art that comes with a lot of practice and persistence. You gotta have a lot of patience to be able to catch a large trout. But it is possible if you stick to it.

You just have to follow the right strategy, you elevate your chances of catching a big trout. It is something that anyone can pull off.

The size of rainbow trout you catch is the main issue. While fishing, you can trap small or medium-sized rainbow trout. That’s not your target, your hope is to catch a big one. The critical question here is do you have to perform a miracle to fish a big rainbow trout?

Not necessarily.

You need to have experience catching this type of fish. There are two fishing techniques you can use to capture a large rainbow trout.

· Fly fishing

· Baitcasting

Suppose you know either or all these fishing methods, then be sure you will be getting the right results.

Fly Fishing

Fly fishing involves using a long fishing rod (3.5 meters), fly reel, and lightweight lure (artificial lure). The bait looks typically like a food organism or baitfish. This fishing method is usually done in freshwater bodies like lakes, rivers, and streams. However, you can use it in the oceans too. It is important you fish in the water bodies where the large touts reside. Only then, you raise your prospect of catching them.

Because the size of the water bodies determine the size of the fish. Obviously, there will be more sources of food in the water, a fish will consume more and reproduce more and eventually grow bigger.

What you should understand is that the fishing rod is not the standard one. No! The one used in fly fishing is special.

This is because they differ in length and weight. Mostly the minimum length dimension of a fly-fishing rod is 2.7 meters. The weight varies from between 1 to 8 wt. When catching a large rainbow trout, it is better to use a fly rod between 6 and 8 wt.


Baitcasting is another way of capturing a rainbow trout. When you have the spin casting reel, you need to hold it up to your waist’s level. This will give ample time and stability as you fish. The fishing rod should be about 2.1 meters; the spinning reel’s weight should be between 3 to 5 kilograms.

What is the Best Bait for Rainbow Trout?

Now that you have learned two methods of catching a rainbow trout. It is time to know which bait is the best. There are many baits you can use to capture a rainbow trout. But which one works the right magic?

This section will categorize the baits into three parts—best baits for rivers, lakes, and depending on the season.

Best Baits

When it comes to the best baits for rainbow trout in rivers, the best is the Powerbait. This bait is made of resin that has oil, PVC, and pleasant scents.

This is not the only bait you can use to catch a rainbow trout. There are natural baits such as baitfish, worms, and crickets or hoppers. When using a fish as bait, you should hook it through the dorsal fin or lips. This gives the trout a pleasant time to eat the fish and makes it easy for you to capture it.

The use of crickets or hoppers as baits is best when fishing for rainbow trout in lakes or dams. When it comes to worms like mealworms, earthworms, and redworms as bait, they should be alive during fishing.

Experts recommend that you purchase redworms as baits for rainbow trout. This is because this type of fish loves these kinds of worms. But if you are unable to buy redworms, the best alternative is the earthworms. Dig them up from moist grounds most likely near river banks or around the shores of a lake.

Finally, experts suggest that you use Powerbait when going to catch a rainbow trout. This bait is useful, and you will get the right result (big rainbow trout fishes).

Besides looking at the things mentioned above, you have to keep two tips in mind when making catch of the big of fish:

  • Time matters the most: Time is the crucial factor in catching the fish. You have to spend substantial time near the water-bodies to be able to catch the large fishes. The more time you have spent near the water-bodies, the more chances you have to catch some large fishes. By that, you raise your chances of catching a big fish.
  • Search for the habitat: You have to figure out if the habitat is conducive enough to land up the large fish. River body should have enough room to grow, hiding places and a good food base. It might be possible that you are in search of trout but it is not probably present in the ample numbers. You are just wasting your effort and time.