How do you apply to Amazon warehouse?

How do you apply to Amazon warehouse?

To start, search for a job of interest. You can search by locations, business categories, job categories or keywords. Once you find one, click the “Apply Now” button next to the title of the role at the top of the page. Then, follow the directions on your screen.

What does Amazon pay in Indiana?

Amazon employees in Indiana can now earn up to $21.75/hr. Sign-on bonus available for up to $3,000.

Where is Amazon Indiana?

GEORGETOWN, Ind. — Amazon is bringing a new sorting facility to a southern Indiana community and with it, hundreds of new jobs. A spokesperson for Amazon confirmed the company is building a 270,000 square-foot sort center in Georgetown, Indiana.

Does Amazon warehouse pay weekly?

Those working in California and Los Angeles Amazon got paid biweekly. The workers in specific departments like amazon logistics are paid weekly on Fridays.

Does Amazon pay weekly in Indiana?

They pay weekly. Amazon has 7 paid holidays. You earn 1.5 your hourly rate if you actually work on the holiday.

How much do Amazon warehouse workers make in Indiana?

Amazon in Indiana Salaries

Job Title Location Salary
Amazon Warehouse Worker salaries – 37 salaries reported Indiana $15/hr
Picker salaries – 36 salaries reported Indiana $15/hr
Pharmacy Technician salaries – 34 salaries reported Indiana $37,921/yr
Associate salaries – 33 salaries reported Indiana $16/hr

How much do you get paid for Amazon training?

Amazon Salary FAQs The salary trajectory of a Training ranges between locations and employers. The salary starts at $48,243 per year and goes up to $40,176 per year for the highest level of seniority.

How many Amazon locations are there in Indiana?

Amazon Logistics’ new delivery stations will join the state’s seven existing delivery stations, located in Indianapolis, Greenwood, Whiteland (AMXL Delivery Station), Fort Wayne, South Bend and Gary.