How do I stop my afro hair from shrinking?

How do I stop my afro hair from shrinking?

One way to help reduce shrinkage is in how you allow your hair to dry. Although heat often causes damage, blow-drying the roots is recommended to prevent shrinkage because heat causes the hair to expand. So, after you wash your hair, allow it to dry about 85 percent of the way before you take a blow dryer to it.

What causes shrinkage in Afro hair?

Natural hair shrinkage is pretty much exactly like it sounds: It’s when curls go from a more lengthy, stretched out form to a tight, more compacted coil. Instead, as hair dries or loses moisture, each strand contracts. Shrinkage isn’t a sign of unhealthy hair. In fact, it’s what makes your hair texture curly.

Does Afro hair shrink?

Keep in mind that it is perfectly normal to experience shrinkage, it’s a key characteristic of afro textured hair and as earlier mentioned, it is a sign that your hair is healthy and full of elasticity. Shrinkage also shows that your hair has the ability to resist breakage.

How do you stop shrinkage in natural hair?

8 Ways to Reduce Shrinkage on Natural Hair

  1. Experiment with bentonite clay.
  2. Or try some silicone or beeswax.
  3. Try an anti-frizz serum.
  4. Try an elongating stler.
  5. If you use gel for a wash-n-go, make sure to “break the cast”.
  6. Blow your roots.
  7. Test out some natural stretching techniques.

Does shrinkage go away?

Whilst natural hair shrinkage may not be what you always want for your hair you have to learn to embrace it. Its a part of your hair that will never go away no matter how many different ways that you try to stretch it.

How do I stop my 4C from shrinking?

6 Ways to Reduce Shrinkage on 4C Hair

  1. Keep it Sectioned and Twisted While Washing. The easiest way to solve shrinkage is to not allow your hair to shrink on wash day.
  2. Stretch It.
  3. Condition with Coconut Milk.
  4. Apply Aloe Vera Gel Before Styling.
  5. Do Monthly Henna Treatments.
  6. Use Anti-Frizz Products.

Why does African hair grow the slowest?

African hair is generally characterized by tight curls and kinks, and grows almost parallel to the scalp. This hair type has the slowest growth rate, 0.9 centimeters per month, due to its spiral structure that causes it to curl upon itself during growth.

Which hair type shrinks the most?

Generally speaking, the tighter your coils are the more shrinkage you could experience. Those with type 4 hair will usually see the most shrinkage over those with type 3 hair. Some people have seen shrinkage of up to 75% in their natural hair!

Why does my 4C hair shrink so much?

As you probably already know, 4C hair types experience shrinkage the most because the curls are tighter than the other curl patterns. And this can make it difficult to detangle, manage, and style. In fact, shrinkage can be downright discouraging when you want to do hairstyles like a low bun or twist-out.