How do I lodge a complaint in Hathway Internet?

How do I lodge a complaint in Hathway Internet?

  1. Connect with Hathway Delhi Customer Care related to any Hathway Broadband Complaint and Queries, Call Hathway Customer Support Delhi 1800 419 3114.
  2. For New Broadband Connection and Hathway Complaint – Feel free to contact our Hathway Customer Care Mumbai – Hathway Mumbai Toll Free Number 1800 419 3114.

Who is nodal officer in broadband?

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City Nodal Officer Telephone No.
Karnataka Mr SELVIN KUMAR 9133537375

What to do if Hathway Internet is not working?

  1. Power Cycle the Modem & Router.
  2. Check whether the LAN Cable is properly connected .
  3. Check TCP IP & DNS Settings.
  4. Remove the LAN Cable from Wi-fi and directly connect it.
  5. Use the PING Command.
  6. Conduct a Speed Test of your connection .
  7. Re-start your router.
  8. Get closer to your router.

Who is the CEO of Hathway?

Rajan Gupta (Nov 25, 2016–)Hathway / CEO

How do I suspend my Hathway Broadband?

The Subscriber may request Hathway to temporarily suspend the cable services for a minimum period of 1 month. Such request should be made at least 15 days prior to the suspension. Hathway may charge Rs. 25 as Restoration Fee, if the services remain suspended for a period not exceeding 3 months.

How do I stop Hathway harassment?

The best way to avoid these spam calls is,by downloading the hathway broadband app from the play store. Then change the mobile number in the profile section to an other alternate number. I am free from these calls now. They still keep on calling you of you even report them about this.

What is nodal complaint?

Complaints relating to fault or disruption of service or disconnection of service shall be redressed by the Nodal Officer within 3 days from the date of registration of complaint. All other complaints shall be redressed within 10 days from the date of registration of complaint.

Who is CEO of YOU Broadband?

Details of the owner of You Broadband(Wiki) Eyyuni Chakravarthy, current Chief Executive Officer of You Broadband India Ltd. Elected as CEO from 2002 till present.

Why is my Hathway slow?

Check your Data Pack: One of the everyday situations of broadband not connecting to the internet is when you have used all your data or subscribed to a pack that provides a slower connection. Visit your service provider’s website and check the data usage history.

What does Los mean in ONU?

LOS – Loss of signal.

Who is the founder of Hathway?


Type Public company
Founder Pheroza Billimoria & Roopesh Rao
Headquarters Mumbai, Maharashtra , India
Area served India
Products Cable television Broadband Internet Digital voice Home networking