How do I fix the line height in Outlook?

How do I fix the line height in Outlook?

Step 1: In the message window, select the text that you will adjust line spacing for. Step 2: Click the Line and Paragraph Spacing button in the Paragraph group on the Format Text tab, and select a certain option from the drop down list, such as 1.15, 2.0, etc.

How do you line up bullet points in Outlook?

Add a numbered or bulleted list to a message

  1. On the Message tab, in the Basic Text group, choose the Bullets or the Numbering button.
  2. Press Enter to add the next list item. Note: Outlook automatically inserts the next bullet or number.
  3. Do one of the following: To finish the list, press Enter twice. or.

How do I line up bullet points in HTML?

How to Align a Bullet List in HTML

  1. Open your HTML file containing the bulleted list and look between the and tags toward the top of the code.
  2. Align the text within all bullets by setting “text-align” for your tag.
  3. Align the entire list to the left or to right of the page by setting “float” for your tag.

How do I code an HTML email in Outlook?


  1. Create an HTML template, use existing HTML code, or search for a pre-formatted HTML template.
  2. Insert the HTML file into your Outlook email message. View written steps.
  3. (Optional) Send a test HTML message and improve, if needed.
  4. Send the final version of your HTML message to your Office 365 Group or Google Group .

Does Outlook support line height?

mso-line-height-rule By default, Outlook will treat your line-height value as a minimum, and often increase it to its liking. To disable this behavior, add mso-line-height-rule: exactly; and Outlook will start to treat your line-height value as an exact value instead.

How do I change the row height in Outlook 2016?

Open outlook : open View Tab-> select “use Tighter Spacing” and check with result.

Why can’t I add bullets in Outlook email?

If this section is grayed out, you are currently composing in Plain Text format. If you want to add formatting to your message, you will need to send the message in HTML format. To change the default setting for any new message you compose: Go to the Outlook menu, then select Preference.

Does Outlook allow HTML emails?

Microsoft Outlook 2019, 2016, and 365 can display or send messages in HTML format or plain text.