Do police have APC?

Do police have APC?

The militarization of police is the use of military equipment and tactics by law enforcement officers. This includes the use of armored personnel carriers (APCs), assault rifles, submachine guns, flashbang grenades, grenade launchers, sniper rifles, and SWAT (special weapons and tactics) teams.

How much does a police APC cost?

Lenco BearCat

Unit cost US$188,793–300,000
Produced 2001
Variants Military, G3, LE, VIP SUV, Medevac LE, Medevac Mil, Riot Control, G4 M-ATV, EOD

When did police become militarized?

Militarization of the police goes back to the Reagan-era war on drugs when one program informally began giving surplus military equipment from the Pentagon to police departments across the U.S. The initiative, known as ​​the 1033 program, was formally implemented when Congress passed a law in the 1990s.

What does the 1033 program do?

The LESO/1033 Program handles excess military property for use by law enforcement agencies, but prohibits transfer of military uniforms, body armor, Kevlar helmets and the other items discussed above.

What weapons do MPS carry?

The standard personal weapons of the United States Army military police include the 9mm Beretta M9 or SIG Sauer M17, the 5.56 M4 carbine, the 40mm M320 Grenade Launcher Module, the M2 .

What is a SWAT truck called?

A SWAT vehicle, also known as an armoured rescue vehicle, a vehicle used by police tactical units to respond to incidents. These are often non-military armored vehicles which offer protection to the passengers and can additionally be used to transport specialized equipment such as weapons and breaching tools.

Why should police be militarized?

Material militarization increases the intensity of the violence that police have available to them in pursuing these suspects. Appreciation of these complex aspects of police militarization helps clarify the respective roles of the police and the military in keeping the citizenry secure and the danger in blurring them.