Can you get a home in Goodsprings?

Can you get a home in Goodsprings?

The Goodsprings homes are four houses located within Goodsprings in the Mojave Wasteland.

Can I store things in Goodsprings?

Goodsprings contains an abandoned schoolhouse, gas station with a bed and safe storage. All containers in Doc Mitchell’s house, Victor’s shack, and the house due south of the saloon are safe to store items in. In addition, the crates between the saloon and general store are unowned and are close to the workbench.

Where is the safe in Goodsprings?

The safe is tucked in a corner of the building, alongside a counter with a computer on it. You actually have a choice here. You can either pick the safe’s lock, which is difficult to do, or you can simply hack the computer on the counter to open the safe, which is far easier.

Where is easy Pete’s house?

Location. Easy Pete can be found outside the Prospector Saloon, taking it easy in a chair. Easy Pete owns the eastern house in the town. The items in his house can be taken without gaining bad Karma.

Can you build a base in Fallout New Vegas?

This mods lets you build your own house/base using different items that you can craft at the workbench using mostly scrap metal. You can rotate and move the object close/further before placing it. Some objects like lights, turrets, terminals,… require electricity to function.

Where can I safely store items in Fallout: New Vegas?

In Goodsprings, between the Saloon and the General Store are 4 XXX crates. You can move and stack these next to the bench’s. They are safe to store items in. As you travel; ammo, first aid, and tool boxes are always safe.

How do you open the safe in New Vegas?

Computer terminals Usually, the player will need a lower Science skill to hack the terminal than Lockpick skill to open a given safe. When you have accessed the terminal, the command to unlock will be listed, and the lock will open.

What is there to do in Goodsprings?

Top Attractions in Goodsprings

  • Pioneer Saloon. 298. Historic Sites • Points of Interest & Landmarks. Open now. By sharrongeg.
  • The Haunted Lockdown. Ghost & Vampire Tours.
  • Star Journey. Night Tours. Open now.
  • Off Road Tours at Adrenaline Mountain. 4WD, ATV & Off-Road Tours • Adrenaline & Extreme Tours.

Where is Pete’s dynamite buried?

In his prospecting heyday, Easy Pete was well versed in the use of explosives and considers himself an expert, and even has a deaf ear from using it too much. He still keeps a stash of dynamite buried around Goodsprings if ever a need arises for it, but won’t let amateurs handle it for obvious reasons.