Can I use my hot tub without chemicals?

Can I use my hot tub without chemicals?

While you could use a hot tub without chemicals, you could not soak safely. Water needs to be circulating and treated in order for it to be good for soaking. When you don’t use chemicals in your hot tub or use too little, you are creating the perfect environment for algae, bacteria, and other contaminants to thrive.

What chemicals should I use to start my hot tub?

There are two primary types of sanitizers chlorine, which we have here, and bromine. Sodium-dichlor, chlorine granules are what we, at Master Spas specifically recommend for sanitation. They offer the best results with the features of your hot tub; such as the EcoPur and the ozone systems.

What can I use in my hot tub instead of chlorine?

More than one alternative to chlorine in a hot tub

  • Ultraviolet (UV) system. This is an excellent alternative to chlorine in a hot tub.
  • Salt-based systems. These systems eliminate the need for chlorine or bromine.
  • Ozonators.
  • Ionizers.
  • Non-chlorine shock.
  • Enzyme-based treatment.
  • Keep your hot tub covered.
  • Shower before use.

Can you use salt instead of chlorine in a hot tub?

Can Any Hot Tub Use Saltwater? With a little patience and proper guidance, almost any hot tub can use saltwater sanitation instead of chlorine or bromine sanitation methods. You do need to consult with the manufacturer of your hot tub first to be sure.

How do I start my hot tub for the first time?

How to Start a Hot Tub in 12 Easy Steps

  1. Rinse and Drain. If you’re a new hot tub owner, you’re going to have to get used to the cleaning that comes with hot tub ownership.
  2. Turn off All Power.
  3. Clean the Empty Hot Tub.
  4. Install or Clean the Filter.
  5. Fill Your Hot Tub.
  6. Prime the Pump.
  7. Add the Start-Up Chemicals.
  8. Run the Pump.

How do you shock a hot tub for the first time?

To shock your hot tub, simply follow these easy instructions.

  1. Adjust the pH levels of your spa’s water to between 7.4 and 7.6.
  2. Remove the hot tub cover so your spa can breathe while being shocked.
  3. Turn off the air to the jets but leave the circulation pump running so the water is moving but is not too agitated.

How soon can you use hot tub after adding chemicals?

Do not use a hot tub right after you add chemicals. You should wait at least 2 hours before using the hot tub again. The chemicals need time to work their magic and sanitize the water. Also, a higher concentration of chlorine is best because you’ll need to add chemicals less often.

How soon can you use a hot tub after installation?

You may also want to wait a day to ensure that the chemicals in your water are balanced correctly and that any chlorine level is safe. Note that chlorine is not the only choice when it comes to a sanitizing chemical. Generally, you can expect to begin using your hot tub within 12 to 24 hours after filling.

Why did Canada ban salt water hot tubs?

As many manufacturers and retailers of residential hot tubs and swim spas continue to tout and promote saltwater systems, Health Canada has restricted their use to “protect human health and the environment”.

Why is my hot tub Green?

Green hot tub water can be caused by algae which is usually a sign of insufficient sanitisation level (Chlorine or Bromine) in your tub. These minerals could be from copper pipes, the corrosion of equipment or even just minerals from your household water. Fake tanning products are also a big no go!