Are Deloitte Dbriefs free?

Are Deloitte Dbriefs free?

Nothing—they’re absolutely free.

What are CPE credits in Deloitte?

* CPE/CPD credit is provided for watching live webcasts on PC and mobile devices. * CPE/CPD credit is provided for watching archived webcasts on PC and mobile devices. However, mobile device users must register through the webcast registration page.

What are Deloitte Dbriefs?

Staying connected to all the latest issues and strategies Dbriefs Webcasts feature Deloitte professionals discussing critical issues that affect your business. Dbriefs are: Flexible, offering archived webcasts available anytime, from anywhere, for up to 180 days after the live presentation.

What is Dbriefs Webcast?

Deloitte refers to its live webcasts as Dbriefs. These Dbriefs shine a spotlight on complex issues, new strategies, and insights on important developments that affect various industries. All of Deloitte’s webcasts are free.

How do I download CPE certificate?

Please use the following directions to download your CPE certificate:

  1. Log back into the webcast you attended using the same link you used to register and attend.
  2. Click “CPE” from the widget section at the bottom of the console.
  3. Click on the certificate icon in the “CPE” pop window to download your certificate.

Is CPE free?

Access 16 hours of free CPE with Tax Section membership. When you become a member of the AICPA Tax Section, you join a community of your professional peers. As a part of your Tax Section member benefits, you get exclusive access to 4 free webcasts and 2 free self-study courses.

What is a CPE certification?

Continuing professional education, or CPE, credit is a term referring to the points professionals receive for participating in specialized training in IT and other fields. CPE credits are based on hours of study and count toward certification programs that enable professionals to maintain or update their credentials.

How can I get free CPE credit?

Free CPE CPA Online Courses from AICPA Another primary provider of free CPA CPE webinars and online courses is AICPA itself. The organization actually offers CPE credits through a combination of two mediums, webinars and self-study courses.

How do I get a CPE certificate?

How to become a CPE provider?

  1. STEP 1: Find the appointed professional body or institution in your country. Start by finding the organizational body of your country, area or region.
  2. STEP 2: Get in contact with them and apply for course accreditation.
  3. STEP 3: Provide evidence that your course is eligible for accreditation.