Who were the defenders in the Battle of the Alamo?

Who were the defenders in the Battle of the Alamo?

Many know the famous names of James Bowie, William B. Travis, and David Crockett as men who died defending the Alamo, but there were about 200 others there during the Battle. These men came from a variety of backgrounds and places, but all came together to fight for Texas liberty.

What 2 individuals came to the aid of the Alamo defenders?

On February 23, 1836, a large Mexican force commanded by General Antonio Lopez de Santa Ana arrived suddenly in San Antonio. Travis and his troops took shelter in the Alamo, where they were soon joined by a volunteer force led by Colonel James Bowie.

Who were the Alamo’s attackers?

The Mexican forces were led by General Santa Anna. He led a large force of around 1,800 troops. The Texans were led by the frontiersman James Bowie and Lieutenant Colonel William Travis. There were around 200 Texans defending the Alamo which included the famous folk hero Davy Crockett.

What were the names of the three commanders at the Alamo?

Battle of the Alamo
Mexican Republic Republic of Texas
Commanders and leaders
Antonio López de Santa Anna Manuel Fernandez Castrillon Martin Perfecto de Cos William Travis † James Bowie † Davy Crockett †

What 4 Alamo defenders had this last name?

The granite supports feature the inscribed names of Alamo defenders including James Bowie, Williams B. Travis and David Crockett. The monument pays tribute to those who fought and died at the thirteen-day siege during the Texas Revolution.

How many defenders of the Alamo were Mexican?

Among the 187 men in Travis’s forces who died were 13 native-born Texans, 11 of Mexican descent. There were 41 Europeans, two African Americans, and the rest were Americans from states in the United States.

Why didn’t reinforcements come to the Alamo?

The Defenders Died Believing Reinforcements Were on the Way Fannin had decided that the logistics of reaching the Alamo in time were impossible and, in any event, his 300 or so men would not make a difference against the Mexican army and its 2,000 soldiers.

Who was the most famous Tejano from the Alamo?

Juan N. Seguín, the senior Tejano military officer, entered the Alamo with the other defenders on February 23. With him was a portion of his company, approximately fifteen men, most of whom left sometime after Seguín himself was sent out as a courier on February 25.

Why didn’t Sam Houston help the Alamo?

The Texans Weren’t Supposed to Defend the Alamo General Sam Houston felt that holding San Antonio was impossible and unnecessary, as most of the settlements of the rebellious Texans were far to the east.

Did Davy Crockett shoot Santa Anna?

When Davy Crockett goes to shoot at Santa Ana, he only half-cocks his rifle. This acts like a safety and would prevent him from firing. This movie accurately portrays the Alamo without its iconic bell-shaped facade atop the front wall of the church. That was added by the U.S. Army in 1850, 14 years after the battle.

How many Alamo defenders were there?

200 defenders
Though vastly outnumbered, the Alamo’s 200 defenders–commanded by James Bowie and William Travis and including the famed frontiersman Davy Crockett—held out for 13 days before the Mexican forces finally overpowered them.

What happened to Sam Houston after the Alamo?

Remembering how badly the Texans had been defeated at the Alamo, on April 21, 1836, Houston’s army won a quick battle against the Mexican forces at San Jacinto and gained independence for Texas. Soon after, Houston was elected president of the Republic of Texas.

Who is on the Cenotaph at the Alamo?

Alamo Cenotaph. The sides of the cenotaph feature carvings of Alamo defenders including William B. Travis, Jim Bowie, David Crockett, and James Bonham, and the names of those who died at the Alamo are etched along the base (Troesser 2011 and Cox 2011).

How many defenders of the Alamo are there?

In an 1860 statement for the Texas Almanac, former San Antonio alcalde (mayor) Francisco Antonio Ruiz set the number at 182. When the Alamo Cenotaph was created by Pompeo Coppini in 1939, the 187 defender names on the monument came from the research of Amelia Williams, considered the leading Alamo authority of her day.

Are there any historical inaccuracies in the Alamo?

On the east panel, Coppini portrayed Alamo garrison leaders James Bowie and James Bonham, with other defenders in the background. David Crockett and William Travis grace the west side. Names of the defenders were carved along the base. But there are 47 historical inaccuracies in the list.

Who is the spirit of sacrifice at Alamo Plaza?

In 1937 Italian sculptor Pompeo Coppini was commissioned to erect the present day memorial ‘Spirit of Sacrifice’ at Alamo Plaza. The names inscribed over the figures on the East side are James Bonham and James Bowie and on the West side figures are the leaders William Travis and David Crockett.