Who is arbiter617?

Who is arbiter617?

David R. B. (@arbiter_617) / Twitter.

What happened to David RB?

David R. B. is the former lead animator at Black Plasma Studios. His favorite food is pizza, and he sure does eat a healthy amount of it. On April 26th, 2020, he uploaded on his own channel a video, that he will retire in favor to create videogames.

Who is the creator of Black plasma studios?

Black Plasma Studios was founded by an American YouTuber and animator named David R.B. (also known as Arbiter 617) on March 8, 2008.

Who is Samuel kyber?

Samuel Kyber (formerly Sam Small), is an English Minecraft animator for Black Plasma Studios. His characters are troll and the second Old Man, and he animated Build Battle, TNT Tag, Tea Time and Tea Trouble.

Will there be a Songs of War 2?

Songs of War seasons 2 and 3 are now cancelled by David and BPS. But fear not, hardcore fans, for the story is not over: the script for those seasons has been released and can be accessed right now.

Who is RoA Nitrox?

RoA Nitrox is a former animator for Black Plasma Studios. His animations are Sayama Hunter School, Reverie, Survival Games, Galaxy Wars, The Book of Enchantment, a Turbo Kart Racers Promo and MechWarrior Animated. He was the first animator.

Will songs of war continue?

What animator does black plasma studios use?

The crew use Blender to animate their films. They also make bloopers for all animations. Over the years, Black Plasma Studios has garnered over 8 million subscribers, making them the most subscribed Minecraft animation channel on YouTube.

Why did Youtube cancel Songs of War?

He detailed the reasons for this in the video linked below, and to sum it up: the biggest reasons were his lack of motivation to spend the next several years working on the series, and the poor performance of the episodes which lead to less ad revenue (and thus money to pay to the team) than he had hoped for.