Who are the Twins on YouTube?

Who are the Twins on YouTube?

TWINS Tim and Fred Williams have become the latest YouTube sensations for their viral channel TwinsthenewTrend. In their YouTube channel, which has over 800,000 subscribers, the twins listen to classic songs for the first time and share their enthusiastic thoughts and opinions.

Who is older between Ava and Alexis?

“Ava was born one minute older than Alexis; one minute,” Ami says in the video. “But I want to be older,” Alexis says with faux tears in her eyes. “You’re one minute younger, you don’t have to cry,” her mother says, trying to comfort her. Then her big sister also tries to comfort her saying, “I’m just one minute older.

What video made the McClure Twins famous?

Ava and Alexis McClure (born July 12, 2013), known as The McClure Twins, are YouTube personalities. The identical twin sisters are best known for their 2016 viral video Twins Realize They Look the Same. In 2017, the McClure Twins were named the youngest members of Forbes’ “Top Kid Influencers.”

Which content is best for YouTube channel?

Celebrity Gossip Videos.

  • Vlogs.
  • Comedy / Sketch Videos.
  • Shopping Sprees / Hauls.
  • Unboxing Videos.
  • Educational Videos.
  • Parodies.
  • Pranks.
  • Who is most popular YouTube twin?

    ListsMost Popular Twin YouTubers

    • The Dolan Twins:
    • Brooklyn & Bailey Mcknight:
    • The Martinez Twins:
    • Niki and Gabi DeMartino:
    • Lucas and Marcus:
    • The Merrell Twins:
    • The Harries Twins:
    • The Hodge Twins:

    Where are TwinsthenewTrend from?

    Gary, Indiana
    TwinsthenewTrend is a YouTube channel featuring twin brothers Tim and Fred Williams, who reside in Gary, Indiana, critiquing music videos.

    How old is the McClure family?

    When it comes to their age, The twins are 6 years old as of 2019. Ava and Alexis were born on July 12, 2013, in Paterson, New Jersey. Their birth sign is Cancer.

    Are the McClure Twins Nigerian?

    This family’s group portrait is going viral for its inspiring message. In the photo, parents Aminat and Justin McClure dressed their entire family in gorgeous, custom-made outfits inspired by Aminat’s background. Aminat, 36, was born in Nigeria and moved to the United States as a young child.

    How old is Justin McClure?

    47 years (October 11, 1974)Justin McClure / Age

    Who are the most famous twins on Youtube?