Who are the top 3 on American Idol 2021?

Who are the top 3 on American Idol 2021?

American Idol Contestants 2021

Sr No. Contestant Name Status
1 Grace Kinstler Eliminated (Top 3)
2 Willie Spence Runner-up
3 Chayce Beckham Winner
4 Casey Bishop Eliminated (Top 5)

Who won season 13 on American Idol?

Caleb JohnsonAmerican Idol – Season 13 / WinnerCaleb Perry Johnson is an American singer who won the thirteenth season of American Idol. Prior to appearing on the series, he was the front man for the band Elijah Hooker. After American Idol, Johnson released his debut solo album, Testify, through Interscope Records. Wikipedia

Who is successful Kelly or Carrie?

Clearly, Songstress Carrie Undewood has sold more records than any other American idol contestant by far with Kelly Clarkson placing 2nd followed by season 5 4th place Chris Daughtry who has sold 7.4 million albums.

Who are the five American Idol finalists?

Who is in the final five of American Idol 2021?

  • Caleb Kennedy, 16, from Roebuck, South Carolina.
  • Casey Bishop, 15, from Estero, Florida.
  • Chayce Beckham, 24, from Apple Valley, California.
  • Grace Kinstler, 20, from Chicago, Illinois.
  • Willie Spence, 21, from Douglas, Georgia.

Who are the finalist on American Idol 2021?

The top three finalists – Grace Kinstler, Chayce Beckham, and Willie Spence – will take the stage one last time to perform in hopes of securing America’s vote and, ultimately, become this season’s winner.

Who will win American Idol 2021 predictions?

Spence, a 21-year-old caretaker from south Georgia, racked up about 28% of total votes cast, according to the GoldDerby poll. Early predictions by Parade” suggest Spence and Kinstler are the odds-on favorites to win “American Idol” 2021.

Where is Jena Irene now?

Now Asciutto, who is recording under her surname after performing on “Idol” as Jena Irene, is back on track. Besides her debut album, she has a 13-track album, “Cold Fame,” in the works, and is touring with her band. You cankeep up with her on Facebook.

What is Casey Bishop doing now?

“American Idol” singer Casey Bishop finally has a record label to call her own. Now she’s busy doing what she loves: Writing, singing and recording new songs for an upcoming EP. Bishop got signed about four months ago to New York’s 19 Recordings, “Idol’s” official record label, and its publishing partner BMG.