Who are the starters for USC?

Who are the starters for USC?

USC Trojans Depth Chart

Pos No. Player 1
TE-Y 19 Epps, Malcolm RS JR/TR
TE-H 84 Krommenhoek, Erik RS SR
QB 7 Moss, Miller FR
RB 6 Malepeai, Vavae RS SR

Why was Kenan Christon suspended?

Christon was suspended in early September, after a physical altercation with another male USC student in which Christon put the student in a headlock for 17 seconds. No arrests were made and no charges were filed. The two students separately reconciled.

Is Bru McCoy playing USC?

USC Trojans receiver Bru McCoy enters football transfer portal for third time.

Who is number 8 on USC?

Chris Steele
USC Trojans 2020 roster

No. Name Wt.
8 Chris Steele 190
9 Greg Johnson 195
9 Kedon Slovis 200
10 Ralen Goforth 225

Who is number 7 on USC football?

Reggie Bush
#7 Vacant (Formally Reggie Bush) This spot was reserved for Reggie Bush who now has been removed and placed as #1 on the all time “50 Greatest Villains in USC History.”

When did USC get sanctioned?

The sanctions were announced on June 10, 2010, and affected the USC football program from 2010 to 2012. Sanctions for the football team included postseason bans (2 years), scholarship losses (3 years), vacating old games (including a BCS Championship game), and disassociating with Reggie Bush.

Is Bru McCoy still suspended?

The Los Angeles District Attorney’s office on Aug. 25 declined to file any criminal charges against McCoy, citing insufficient evidence. He remains suspended from all team activities and it is uncertain when and if he will return to the team.

What happened Bru McCoy?

USC wide receiver Bru McCoy was suspended from team activities following a felony domestic violence arrest on July 24 in Los Angeles, according to several reports on Monday. The student-athlete has been temporarily removed from team activities.” 247Sports Keely Eure was the first to report the news.

Who is #15 on USC football team?


# Name Wt.
15 Hufanga, Talanoa 215
15 London, Drake 210
17 Croom, Micah 210
17 Wilson, Zach 205

Is Lincoln Riley coaching?

When Lincoln Riley accepted the head coaching position at USC, nobody truly anticipated the dominoes that would fall in both the short and long term of his decision to lead the Trojans moving forward.