Which is better Hagia Sophia or Blue Mosque?

Which is better Hagia Sophia or Blue Mosque?

At first glance the Blue Mosque can indeed rival with the Hagia Sophia. By contrast, when compared to the Hagia Sophia, the interior is rather underwhelming. The central dome of the Blue Mosque, which is 23,5 meters in diameter and 43 meters high at its central point, is of course impressive.

How much does it cost to enter Hagia Sophia?

The entrance fee to Hagia Sophia was 100 Turkish Liras before it was converted into a mosque. However, you no longer have to pay at the entrance. Hagia Sophia visit is free like other mosques in Istanbul. After visiting Hagia Sophia, you can visit the adjacent Sultan Tombs free of charge.

Is the Hagia Sophia a church or museum?

The exquisite Hagia Sophia is a religious site built between 532-537 A.D. This stunning building was an important monument for both the Byzantine and Ottoman Empires. It was once a church, later a mosque, and now a museum.

Is Hagia Sophia a central plan church?

Built in 532-537, the Hagia Sophia was originally built as a church after the church that had stood there previously was destroyed by rioting. The plan of the church is a hybrid between a central plan and a basilica.

Why Sultan Ahmed Mosque is known as Blue Mosque?

The Blue Mosque (Called Sultanahmet Camii in Turkish) is an historical mosque in Istanbul. The mosque is known as the Blue Mosque because of blue tiles surrounding the walls of interior design. Besides still used as a mosque, the Sultan Ahmed Mosque has also become a popular tourist attraction in Istanbul. …

Can you pray in the Blue Mosque?

Yes they do have prayers in the mosque. Woman can also pray in the mosque but they have a separate place to pray. The also pray at certain times during the day. Please note that during the 5 prayer times the mosque is closed to tourist visitors.

What is the big mosque in Istanbul called?

the Blue Mosque
Turkey’s most famous mosque is Istanbul’s Sultanahmet Mosque (Sultanahmet Cami), more commonly called the Blue Mosque by visitors.

Who constructed mosque Sophia?

emperor Justinian I
Built by the eastern Roman emperor Justinian I as the Christian cathedral of Constantinople for the state church of the Roman Empire between 532 and 537, the church was then the world’s largest interior space and among the first to employ a fully pendentive dome.

Which is a central plan church?

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. A centralized-plan has a 360-degree extremely symmetrical architectural plan. This category also includes shapes such as octagons, squares, or circles. Most Italian churches were built according to a cruciform or basilica shape. This layout was preferred after the Council of Trent …