Where did Wynton Harvey go to college?

Where did Wynton Harvey go to college?

They are his step-siblings. Wynton Harvey completed a local high school in his hometown before going to study at the Savannah College of Art and Design in Atlanta, Georgia.

Do Lori Harvey have a college degree?

Lori Harvey (born January 13, 1997) is an American Model and Social Media Personality. She is Step-Daughter of TV show comedian Steve Harvey & Marjorie Harvey….Biography of Lori Harvey.

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Educational Qualification Graduate

Is Wynton Steve Harvey biological son?

Steve’s only child from his marriage to Mary, which lasted from 1996 to 2005, is son Wynton Harvey, 24.

Is Wynton Harvey Marjorie’s son?

Harvey married Marjorie in 2007 and has four children — Brandi, Karli, Broderick Jr. and Wynton — from previous marriages. The matriarch of the family dated Steve for three years before they tied the knot. They initially met in a Memphis comedy club and dated briefly in 1990 before reconnecting in 2005.

Who is Wynton Harvey’s mother?

Mary Lee HarveyWynton Harvey / Mother

Who are Lori Harvey’s biological parents?

Steve HarveyLori Harvey / Father

Who is Wynton Harvey’s parents?

Steve Harvey
Mary Lee Harvey
Wynton Harvey/Parents

Who is Steve Harvey’s Son Wynton?

Wynton Harvey was born on 18 July 1997, making him a Cancerian – his birthplace is unknown. Wynton is the son of comedian and television personality, Steve Harvey and his second-wife, makeup artist Mary Lee Harvey. Wynton has six siblings, three of whom are half-siblings.

Who is Steve Wynton’s wife?

Steve is currently married to Marjorie Elaine Harvey, who is a mother to three children. Wynton has a total of six siblings, namely Karli Harvey, Brandi Harvey, Broderick Harvey Jr, Morgan Harvey, Lori Harvey, and Jason Harvey.

What college did Steve Harvey go to?

Steve grew up in Ohio, and in 2015 the street where he grew-up was renamed to Steve Harvey Way. Steve matriculated in 1974 from Greenville High School, then attended Kent State University, but moved to West Virginia University, where he became a member of the fraternity, Omega Psi Phi.

Who is Wynton Harvey step mother Marjorie Elaine Harvey?

Wynton Harvey has a good bond with his father’s third wife, Marjorie Elaine Harvey. Being a step, they share the emotions and love of mother and son which we can in the pictures. After Steve got custody of Wynton, he has been living with his dad and Marjorie. Wynton Harvey kissing his stepmother Marjorie Elaine Harvey.