Where can I watch Breaking Amish season 1?

Where can I watch Breaking Amish season 1?

Right now you can watch Breaking Amish on fuboTV or Discovery+. You are able to stream Breaking Amish by renting or purchasing on Google Play, Vudu, Amazon Instant Video, and iTunes.

Where can I watch Breaking Amish season 3?

Watch Breaking Amish Season 3 | Prime Video.

What channel is Breaking Amish on?

TLCReturn to Amish / NetworkTLC is an American pay television channel owned by Discovery, Inc. Initially focused on educational and learning content, by the late 1990s the network began to primarily focus towards reality series involving lifestyles, family life, and personal stories. Wikipedia

Is Breaking Amish Fake?

Return to Amish & Breaking Amish fans wonder if the shows are fake. Furthermore, one of the examples InTouch provides is Jeremiah Raber. Earlier, in a 2015 interview, Jeremiah Raber shares that the production isn’t “100 percent real”. Notably, this is because “some of the reality TV moments take some planning.

Is Rebecca and Abe still together?

Nine years after the first season of the reality show concluded, Abe and Rebecca are still married. Since their time on the hit TLC series, Rebecca and Abe have led relatively quiet lives out of the spotlight. According to Rebecca’s Instagram, per IBTimes, Abe is working as a truck driver.

How old is Jeremiah from Return to Amish?

Season 1

Cast Age Community
Jeremiah Raber 33 Ex-Amish
Kate Stoltzfus 23 Ex-Amish
Rebecca Schmucker 22 Ex-Amish
Sabrina High 28 Ex-Mennonite

How many seasons of Return to Amish are there?

6Return to Amish / Number of seasons
Over the span of six seasons, we have seen several Amish followers trying to make sense of the English world and making their big decision on whether they want to return to their old conservative lifestyle or remain in the English world and explore new opportunities presented to them.