Where can I find old newspaper articles in South Africa?

Where can I find old newspaper articles in South Africa?

The National Archives of South Africa are home to some great resources and includes far more than just a list of archived newspapers: You can also find plenty of public records here just with a simple e-mail. The National Library of South Africa has a massive collection of newspapers on microfilm dating back decades.

How do I find old articles online?

If you don’t see an online version in the library catalog or it is the wrong time period, try finding freely available digitized versions through:

  1. Williams WorldCat.
  2. International Coalition on Newspapers list of newspaper digitization projects.
  3. Google News Archive Search.

Who owns the Cape Argus newspaper?

Independent News and Media SA
Cape Argus

The Cape Argus front page of 21 July 2009
Type Daily newspaper
Format Compact
Owner(s) Independent News and Media SA
Editor Gasant Abarder

What is a news article format?

News articles are written in a structure known as the “inverted pyramid.” In the inverted pyramid format, the most newsworthy information goes at the beginning of the story and the least newsworthy information goes at the end.

How do I get my paper back to the date?

How to find old editions of newspapers

  1. The local library. Many local libraries keep copies of their local newspapers, either in microfiche format or in great big piles of newsprint.
  2. Google’s News Archive Search. Google has digitised some newspapers from around the world.
  3. Purchasing a copy of a newspaper.

What happened to the Argus newspaper?

On 19 January 1957, the paper printed its final edition after 110 years, seven months and 17 days, before being discontinued and sold to the Herald and Weekly Times group (HWT), which undertook to re-employ Argus staff and continue publication of selected features, and made an allocation of shares to the UK owners.

Who is the editor of the Cape Times?

Siyavuya Mzantsi
Cape Times

The front page of the Cape Times of 19 September 2008
Type Daily newspaper
Format Broadsheet
Owner(s) Independent News and Media SA
Editor Siyavuya Mzantsi