What is the status of the 777X?

What is the status of the 777X?

Originally scheduled to enter service in 2020, the 777X has been delayed many times. Boeing’s chief executive said earlier this year that he did not expect certification until late 2023. “Boeing remains fully focused on safety as our highest priority throughout 777X development,” the company said in a statement.

Will 777X be safe?

In a statement Friday, Boeing said it “remains fully focused on safety as our highest priority throughout 777X development.” The airplane is undergoing “a comprehensive test program to demonstrate its safety and reliability … to ensure we meet all applicable requirements,” Boeing added.

Is Boeing 777X certified?

The FAA said in its letter certification date for the 777X “is realistically going to be mid to late 2023 (>2 years from now.” Boeing Chief Executive Dave Calhoun said earlier this month that “we are still confident” it will be certified in the fourth quarter of 2023.

What is the problem with the 777X?

The FAA highlighted several concerns on the 777X, including a flight-control incident during a test flight on Dec. 8, 2020, when the plane experienced an “uncommanded pitch event.” That meant the nose of the aircraft rose or fell as a result of the control system.

Will 777X be Cancelled?

Boeing cuts its 777X backlog by more than a third after pushing back deliveries until 2023. Boeing last week said deliveries of the 777X would be delayed until late 2023. The large twin-engine jet is the company’s newest plane. The longer planes are delayed, the easier it is for customers to cancel orders.

Is 777X a service?

The 777X was billed to be shown off at the 2019 Dubai Airshow. However, due to engine issues, the plane took off for the first time at the beginning of 2020. The plane was previously scheduled to enter service in the summer of 2020. Boeing’s management has since shared that certification may not occur until late 2023.