What is the determining factor as to when a water flood operation reaches its effectiveness?

What is the determining factor as to when a water flood operation reaches its effectiveness?

The level of effectiveness of a waterflood depends on the mobility ratio between the oil and water, and the geology of the oil reservoir. Waterflooding is effective because almost all reservoir rocks are either water-wet or mixed-wet.

Is waterflooding an EOR?

4.3. Waterflooding is a form of oil recovery wherein the energy required to move the oil from the reservoir rock into a producing well is supplied from the surface by means of water injection and the induced pressure from the presence of additional water.

What is waterflooding in reservoir engineering?

Waterflooding is a process used to inject water into an oil-bearing reservoir for pressure maintenance as well as for displacing and producing incremental oil after (or sometimes before) the economic production limit has been reached. This is done through the displacement of oil and free gas by water.

What is waterflooding oil recovery?

1. n. [Well Completions, Enhanced Oil Recovery] A method of secondary recovery in which water is injected into the reservoir formation to displace residual oil. The water from injection wells physically sweeps the displaced oil to adjacent production wells.

What is mobility ratio?

The mobility ratio is a single term that describes the rate and efficiency of oil displacement by other immiscible fluids. Diminishing values of M(less than one) are generally considered as favorable values, and increasing values (greater than one) are considered as unfavorable values.

What is voidage replacement ratio?

Voidage replacement ratio (VRR), which is defined as the ratio between the volume of injected fluid and the volume of produced fluid, measures the rate of change in reservoir energy. Conventionally, operators try to maintain a VRR close to one during the whole field life.

How do you calculate mobility ratio?

The conventional mobility ratio in multiphase flow is defined as the displacing fluid mobility divided by the total mobility of displaced water and oil phases.

What is Endpoint mobility ratio?

Endpoint mobility ratio of both vertical and horizontal wells due to sulphate scale deposition is the function of operational and reservoir/brine parameters such as scale concentration in the brine, viscosity of brine, formation volume factor of the brine, solid scale density, injection rate, pressure drawdown.

What is Voidage and how is it calculated?

The actual calculation of voidage is simple: it is the amount of empty space divided by the total volume.

What is mobility formula?

Mobility μ is defined as the magnitude of drift velocity per unit electric field. μ=E∣vd∣. Its SI unit is m2/Vs.