What is the best way to store LP records?

What is the best way to store LP records?

You want to store vinyl records in a cool place—not too cold, but not too hot. If the vinyl is exposed to high heat for extended periods of time, it can lead to warping and other damaging effects. If you have a temperature-controlled attic or storage unit, that can be a great choice.

Should LP records be stored flat or upright?

Records shouldn’t be stored horizontally, or flat. As you will see, archival record boxes are designed for the records to be stood and stored vertically. Storing vinyl records flat can place too much pressure on the records lower in the stack causing damage over time.

Can you store record albums in plastic containers?

Remember, no matter what kind of container you store your records in, they will be vulnerable to warping due to temperature. You’re going to want to ensure air circulation. This means you need to avoid storing your records in a sealed container of any kind, including plastic bins with lids or taped-up cardboard boxes.

What size box do I need to store records?

Best Cardboard Storage Boxes for Vinyl Records A standard small moving box, like the one you would buy at U-Haul, is perfectly-sized for holding LPs. You can put anywhere from 80 to 100 albums in one standard small moving box.

How many boxes of records can I stack?

Do not stack more than 4 boxes on top of one another. Albums are heavy and stacking them that high risks damage to the records in the lowermost boxes. If you can place the containers on shelves or otherwise not stack them at all, that’s ideal.

What is a vinyl sleeve?

A record sleeve (not to be confused with a record jacket/cover) is the outer covering of a vinyl record. Alternative terms are dust sleeve and album liner. A record sleeve can be made of paper, cardboard, rice paper, polypropylene, etc. It may be acid-free or anti-static and also contain an inner liner (polylined).

Do you need sleeves for vinyl?

You will need an outer covering to accompany the inner. This will protect your vinyl’s card sleeve but will also prevent dust finding the record (and abrading it over time). When compressed, these thick plastic covers can eventually stick to the record sleeve and pull the artwork right off.