What is the antonym for rain?

What is the antonym for rain?

What is the opposite of rain?

aridity dryness
moisturelessness barrenness
infertility sterility
waterlessness aridness
rainlessness sunshine

What are the words related to rain?


  • cloudburst,
  • deluge,
  • downfall,
  • downpour,
  • rainfall,
  • rainstorm,
  • storm,
  • wet.

What is the antonym of heavy rain?

What is the opposite of heavy rain?

blue skies blue skies and sunshine
clear skies light rain
trickle sprinkle

What is the opposite word of rainy day?

What is the opposite of rainy day?

fun celebration
hijinks horseplay
jubilee junketing
pastime revels
cavorting fun and games

What does antonym mean?

Definition of antonym : a word of opposite meaning The usual antonym of good is bad.

What is hard rain called?

a heavy rain. synonyms: cloudburst, deluge, pelter, soaker, torrent, waterspout.

What is excessive rain called?

What is another word for heavy rain?

downpour rainstorm
cloudburst drencher
inundation storm
torrent monsoon
torrential rain heavy shower

What words describe rain?

verb (used without object) (of rain) to fall (usually used impersonally with it as subject): It rained all night. to fall like rain: Tears rained from their eyes.

What are homonyms for rain?

Share rains, reigns, reins. Homophones (literally “same sound”) are usually defined as words that share the same pronunciation, regardless of how they are spelled. If they are spelled the same then they are also homographs (and homonyms); if they are spelled differently then they are also heterographs (literally “different writing”).

What are the descriptive words on rain?


  • spraying
  • sprinkling
  • splattering
  • hissing
  • seething
  • shredding
  • sissing
  • sizzling
  • spitting
  • What is another name for rain?

    Synonyms for Rain: n. v. •drop water or other substance (verb) lavish, bucket, come down in buckets, storm, bestow, deposit, patter. Other synonyms: • hail, storm, teem, shower.