What is Rustenburg granite?

What is Rustenburg granite?

Rustenburg granite is one of the hardest stones and it is not only just beautiful but it does not scratch easily, heat resistant, no water damage, and more suitable for kitchen and vanity tops installation. Rustenburg’s color can never be concluded as been black as in many times it does have grey color.

What is the best granite countertop in South Africa?

Rustenburg Granite Countertops It’s still one of the most affordable granite stones in South Africa and it’s locally sourced in the northern province of South Africa in a small town named Rustenburg. Rustenburg granite stone can suit any color of the cabinet and white glossy cabinets give the room a well-balanced look.

What is we work for you – LTS?

We Work for You – LTS is a service that provides background checks. You will have the security of knowing they do not have a history of not paying, paying late, damages, complaints, notices, civil judgments, or have a criminal record.

What rights does the Granite Company (Pty) Ltd have?

The Granite Company (Pty) Ltd will have the right at all times to examine purportedly defective product and its installation and maintenance. Any remedy against The Granite Company (Pty) Ltd shall be, at The Granite Company (Pty) Ltd’s sole discretion, to either replace the defective product with the equivalent product or refund the purchase price.