What is rec fuel called?

What is rec fuel called?

What is Recreational Fuel? Ethanol-free 90-octane gasoline is sometimes marketed as “recreational fuel” or REC-90. Many consumers prefer to use this pure gasoline that isn’t blended with ethanol for marine equipment and small engines for lawnmowers, snowblowers, chainsaws, generators, pumps, and the like.

What gas stations are in Miami?

The Best 10 Gas Stations in Miami, FL

  • Chevron Stations. 1.8 mi. Gas Stations.
  • Wawa. 1.3 mi. Gas Stations, Convenience Stores.
  • Wawa. 4.8 mi. Gas Stations, Convenience Stores.
  • Exxon. 2.6 mi. Gas Stations, Convenience Stores.
  • Mobil. 3.6 mi. Gas Stations.
  • Shell. 3.5 mi. Gas Stations.
  • Chevron. 5.7 mi. Gas Stations.
  • Exxon. 5.7 mi.

Is Rec fuel premium?

Rec-90 Availability and Pricing Because there is no cheap oxygenate in Rec-90 gasoline, Rec-90 is almost always significantly more expensive per gallon than E10 “Regular Gasoline”.

Can you put Rec fuel in a car?

REC-90 is an ethanol-free, 90 octane unleaded gasoline blend designed for use in recreational/marine engines which can be damaged by the ethanol found in other gasoline blends. It is also usable in some aviation engines and automotive engines, though it has not been thoroughly tested for cars and trucks.

Does REC-90 fuel go bad?

Does ethanol-free gas go bad? Yes, ethanol-free gas can go bad. Ethanol-free gas is suitable for use for around six months if correctly stored and sealed. It lasts longer than gas with ethanol in it can still degrade, especially if it’s been exposed to atmospheric conditions.

How much is gas in Miami right now?


Regular Diesel
Current Avg. $3.239 $3.599
Yesterday Avg. $3.237 $3.572
Week Ago Avg. $3.228 $3.518
Month Ago Avg. $3.248 $3.491

How long does rec fuel last?

If stored properly, ethanol-free gas can last up to six months. It is not as likely to succumb to oxidation or evaporation.

Is Rec fuel good for your car?

The short answer is, no, ethanol-free gasoline is not bad for your car. Most cars today can run on ethanol gas blends up to E15 (15% ethanol) and on non-ethanol gasoline. And flex fuel vehicles can handle up to E85 (85% ethanol) without a problem.

What is ethanol free gas called?

You may see these mixtures referred to as E10 and E15. Ethanol-free gas, or pure oil, is a type of fuel that can be used instead of ethanol-mixed gases. Most vehicles run just fine on a 10% mix of ethanol in their gasoline. There are benefits and downsides to using non-ethanol gas that you should be aware of.