What is opposite of revolution?

What is opposite of revolution?

revolution. Antonyms: fixity, permanence, stability, conservation, allegiance, stabilisation, perpetuation, suppression. Synonyms: rotation, periodicity, return, change, alteration, revulsion, revolt, reconstitution, emeute.

What are the effects of modernization in our society?

Modernization brings technology that consumes energy and leads to such things as air pollution and climate change. Another negative effect is (arguably) on our society. Modernization breaks up the social ties that bound people together in traditional societies.

What words come into your mind when you hear the word modernization?

Answer. Answer: When I hear the word “modernization”, the words that comes in my mind are new, there were some big changes.4

What is the other name of revolution of the Earth?

Earth spins around its axis, just as a top spins around its spindle. This spinning movement is called Earth’s rotation. At the same time that the Earth spins on its axis, it also orbits, or revolves around the Sun. This movement is called revolution.

What does it mean to modernize a country?

Modernization or modernisation refers to a model of an evolutionary transition from a ‘pre-modern’ or ‘traditional’ to a ‘modern’ society. The teleology of modernization is described in social evolutionism theories, existing as a template that has been generally followed by societies that have achieved modernity.

What is an example of modernization?

For example, a rocket car that goes faster than any other car on the planet but is incredibly dangerous, loud and harmful to the environment wouldn’t be viewed as more modern simply because it’s faster.21

What is the meaning of innovate?

intransitive verb. : to make changes : do something in a new way. transitive verb. 1 : to introduce as or as if new.

What is the meaning of traditional society?

In sociology, traditional society refers to a society characterized by an orientation to the past, not the future, with a predominant role for custom and habit. Such societies are marked by a lack of distinction between family and business, with the division of labor influenced primarily by age, gender, and status.

What does it mean to modernize something?

: to make (something) modern and more suited to present styles or needs. : to become modern : to begin using the newest information, methods, or technology. See the full definition for modernize in the English Language Learners Dictionary. modernize. verb.

What is effect of revolution?

Two main effects of revolution are the seasonal changes throughout the year and the creation of particular heat zones on temperature zones.

What is another word for industrialization?

Industrialization Synonyms – WordHippo Thesaurus….What is another word for industrialization?

mechanisationUK mechanizationUS
robotization computerization
machine control modernization
systematizationUS streamlining
programming systematisationUK

What is traditional and modern society?

“Traditional” refers to those societies or elements of societies that are small-scale, are derived from indigenous and often ancient cultural practices. “Modern” refers to those practices that relate to the industrial mode of production or the development of large-scale often colonial societies.

What are some synonyms of revolution?

other words for revolution

  • coup.
  • insurgency.
  • rebellion.
  • revolt.
  • turmoil.
  • upheaval.
  • uprising.
  • violence.

What are some examples of industrialization?

Textile production moved to large factories based in cities. Britain’s railroads were another example of industrialization. While people previously traveled by foot or in animal-drawn vehicles, the steam engine allowed for train travel that allowed people to go further, faster.18

What country is a traditional society?

Two current examples of a traditional or custom based economy are Bhutan and Haiti. Traditional economies may be based on custom and tradition, with economic decisions based on customs or beliefs of the community, family, clan, or tribe.

What do you mean by industrialization?

Industrialisation is the period of social and economic change that transforms a human group to an industrial society from an agrarian society, involving the extensive manufacturing reorganisation of an economy.19

What are the four types of traditional societies?

Key Takeaways. The major types of societies historically have been hunting-and-gathering, horticultural, pastoral, agricultural, industrial, and postindustrial.19

What is another word for modernization?

retrofitting, modern, refurbishment, modernism, rejuvenation, innovation, revamping, streamlining, regeneration, reconstruction, revamp, refurbishing.

What is another name for the industrial revolution?

What is another word for Industrial Revolution?

Age of Industrialization Age of Industry
Age of Machines First Industrial Revolution
Industrial Era

What is meant by the industrial revolution?

Industrial Revolution, in modern history, the process of change from an agrarian and handicraft economy to one dominated by industry and machine manufacturing. This process began in Britain in the 18th century and from there spread to other parts of the world.21

What does it mean to westernize?

Westernization, the adoption of the practices and culture of western Europe by societies and countries in other parts of the world, whether through compulsion or influence.

What is an example of traditional?

The definition of traditional is something that is in keeping with long-standing tradition, style or custom. An example of traditional is the practice of eating turkey as the traditional or accepted Thanksgiving meal. An example of traditional is a formal style of furniture that doesn’t change with fads or the seasons.

What is another word for assembly line?

Holonyms for Assembly line: manufactory, mill, manufacturing plant, factory.

What is the cause of revolution?

What were the major causes of the American Revolution? The American Revolution was principally caused by colonial opposition to British attempts to impose greater control over the colonies and to make them repay the crown for its defense of them during the French and Indian War (1754–63).

What do you think is the most important change that modernization brought what do you think is the biggest problem since modernization?

The most important societal change that resulted from modernization is the decline of superstitions as a source of knowledge. However, the main problem that resulted from modernization is the decline of the moral society and prevalence of social decadence.19

What is the difference between traditional and modern values?

Traditional values stress collectivism, submissive self-restriction, preservation of traditional practices, protection, and stability. Modern values represent motivations to pursue one’s own success and dominance over others or gratification for oneself.