What is food adulteration Act in India?

What is food adulteration Act in India?

India (National level) – Repealed. Prevention of Food Adulteration Act, 1954. An Act to make provisions on the prevention of adulteration of food. The Act seeks to prevent the adulteration of any article used as food of drinks for human consumption excluding drugs and water.

WHO report on food adulteration in India?

The 2018-2019 Food Safety Standards Association of India (FSSAI) Report alarmingly revealed that 28% of food samples were adulterated and that adulteration had doubled since 2012. Recently, honey samples from 13 homegrown brands were tested according to Indian and International Standards.

When did PFA enacted?

4.2 PFA ACT (37 OF 1954) The Prevention of Food Adulteration Bill was passed by both the houses of Parliament and received the assent of the President on 29th September, 1954. It came into force on 1st June, 1955 as The Prevention of Food Adulteration Act, 1954 (37 of 1954).

Who are responsible for food adulteration?

It is done to prevent foodborne diseases. Therefore, it is the responsibility of those who handle and prepare food commercially and at the same time of consumers to ensure the food is safe for consumption. Contaminated foods can carry harmful contaminants,chemicals, parasites and toxins.

What is the aim of Prevention of Food Adulteration Act?

The main objectives of the PFA Act and Rules are to protect the consumer against ill-health caused by adulteration; to restrict and control the use of food additives and to confirm the nutritional standards of the food. These laws are applicable for both kinds of foods whether manufactured indigenously or imported.

What is the result of food adulteration?

The consequences of food adulteration are two-fold for the consumers: the economic loss by paying more for lower-quality food items and the health hazards. The health hazards can result from either addition of deleterious substances or removal of a vital component (4). Some adulterants may even lead to death (1,3).

How can we prevent food adulteration?

To prevent food adulteration regular surveillance, monitoring, inspection and random sampling of food products, including edible oil, are being carried out by Food Safety Officers of States/UT and action has been initiated against as per the provisions of FSS Act, 2006 against the defaulting Food Business Operators.

Is adulteration legal in India?

Adultery was a criminal offence under Chapter XX of the Indian Penal Code until it was quashed by the Supreme Court of India on 27 September 2018 as unconstitutional.

What is Prevention of Food Adulteration Act?

THE PREVENTION OF FOOD ADULTERATION ACT, 1954 (Amended in 1964, 1976, 1986) The Act provides the protection from adulteration / contamination of food that may lead to the health risk of consumers. The Act deals with the frauds also that can be perpetrated by the dealers by supplying cheaper or adulterated foods.