What happened to Scotty from Prank Patrol?

What happened to Scotty from Prank Patrol?

Tweedie is currently in the United States hosting on the E! Network. Previously, Tweedie was a network host for Network 10, hosting the hit music television program The Loop and a reporter on Studio 10 and hosted the children’s series Prank Patrol on the former ABC 3 channel.

Who was in Prank Patrol?

Prank Patrol (Australian TV series)

Prank Patrol
Scotty and the Ninjas
Also known as Prank Patrol: Road Trip (season 3)
Starring Scott Tweedie The Ninjas (Demi Sorono and Dave Gannon)
Country of origin Australia

Is Prank Patrol still going?

Prank Patrol was cancelled by the BBC due to an unconnected incident where an Australian journalist fooled a hospital employee into putting him through to a member of the UK royal family who were receiving treatment at the hospital.

When was prank Cancelled?

October 14, 2013Prank Patrol / Final episode date

What does Kayne Tremills do now?

Tremills has hosted the Australian version of Splatalot! with Prank Patrol host Scott Tweedie, My Great Big Adventure a show which tackles many of life’s problems. In 2019, he once again became a presenter to host a new game show called Get It Together! on ABC Me.

How old is Scott Tweedie?

33 years (January 29, 1988)Scott Tweedie / Age

Is Prank Patrol reality TV?

Prank Patrol is a reality show that gives kids the opportunity to plan, construct and execute the prank of a lifetime.

Which prank patrol came first?

Prank Patrol is Produced by Apartment 11 Productions and Marvista Entertainment in Association with YTV (Canada). The first season consisted of 26 twenty-five-minute episodes and first aired in 2005. A second season was produced and aired in 2007 with twenty-six episodes.

Is the ABC ME app free?

ABC ME is free and there are no adverts or in-app purchases. – Quality shows: ABC ME is the home to many trusted and loved shows, carefully selected to entertain and educate young Australians. This app is designed for devices running Android 4.2 and above.

What is on ABC now?


Time TV Show
9:00 pm Hank Zipzer The Classroom Catastrophe
9:25 pm Degrassi: The Next Generation The World I Know
9:47 pm Rage Rage
10:47 pm ABC Me Programs Resume At 6am

Is Kayne Tremills married?

Personal life. Tremills is married to actress Saskia Hampele.