What happened to McLean wire wheels?

What happened to McLean wire wheels?

IMPORTANT INFORMATON: McLean Wheels are discontinued and unavailable. Please click the wheels link to view available custom wheels for your vehicle.

Are wire wheels universal?

Wire Wheel Adapters The Wire Wheel Adapter has to be the same as the bolt pattern of the vehicle. The most common one is the 15 Hole Universal that has 5×4. 75 and 5×5 bolt patterns.

What rims do lowriders use?

Every great ride needs a set of wire wheels – the finishing touches to any true lowrider. While most people want the 100-spoke knock offs, the most common wire wheels are either 13X7 or 14X7, depending on the look you’re trying to achieve.

What are wire wheels on cars?

Wire wheels, wire-spoked wheels, tension-spoked wheels, or “suspension” wheels are wheels whose rims connect to their hubs by wire spokes.

Where are Dayton wire wheels made?

the U.S.A.
Manufactured in the U.S.A. since 1916 , our wire wheels combine precision engineering and premium construction that allow us to offer the industries only maintenance free wire wheel(never need truing).

Are wire wheels safe?

You should not consider purchasing wire wheels if you are not prepared to perform regular maintenance. We also caution owners to not consider wire wheels if the car is not garage-kept. Moisture and dirt can be very harsh on chrome and lead to rusting conditions.

What is a knock off wire wheel?

Knock off wheels. Knock off wire wheels are tightened or loosened via a single center nut. This nut has “wings,” which can be smacked with a plastic or lead hammer. Also known as a “spinner” or “center lock,” the nut can’t be moved with a traditional wrench. Thus, you must “knock” them off.

Why are lowrider wheels so small?

1970-1980: The Lowrider Kyle Waller, California car culture expert: “Traditionally, lowriders have featured whitewall tires. However, it is more common to see small gold or chrome spoke wheels. This is because the wheels’ size allows the car to sit lower while in motion, as they can tuck under the car very easily.

Are wire rims safe?

What kind of wire wheels does truespoke make?

About Truespoke® Wire Wheels Since 1974, Truespoke® Wire Wheel company has served thousands of special interest car owners and many of the top, professional restoration shops and customizers in the country with our show-quality, chrome wire wheels. We also offer white wall tires and wheel and tire packages.

How many spokes does a Cadillac wire wheel have?

Standard or Reverse. 50 Spokes. 13-17 Inches. Standard or Reverse style. 13-24 inches. 72, 88, 120 and 144 spokes. Cadillac wire wheels by Truespoke®.

What is a truespoke® 50 spoke?

The Truespoke® 50 spoke style was the first to be launched in 1974, followed by the Trueray® and Trueclassic® designs. The wheels were an immediate success with the wire wheel consumer. Each wheel design was patented and trademarked.

Why choose the wire wheels?

The wheels were an immediate success with the wire wheel consumer. Each wheel design was patented and trademarked. After nearly five decades, our wire wheels have earned worldwide acceptance and popularity with a cult-like following. Our customer base ranges from street drivers to elite show car owners.