What happened to Hayes brakes?

What happened to Hayes brakes?

In 2005 the company’s nine-member management team bought Hayes Brake with Nautic Partners, a private equity firm, and renamed the company HB Performance Systems Inc. Hayes Bicycle Group has acquired Sun Ringle hubs, rims, wheels and components, WheelSmith Fabrications, Inc. and Answer/Manitou.

Who owns Hayes performance systems?

The Brenlin Group
The Brenlin Group has owned Hayes Brake since 1984. Financing for the deal is being provided by the Milwaukee branches of Marshall & Ilsley Bank, LaSalle Bank and Chase Bank. HB Performance Systems will continue to design and manufacture brake systems for the motorcycle, bicycle, power sports and off-road markets.

Where are Hayes brakes made?

Where are your products manufactured? At Hayes Performance Systems, we proudly manufacture our brake systems for power sports, heavy equipment, and military right here in the USA at our global headquarters in Mequon, Wisconsin, with reliable components from domestic and global partners.

Are Hayes brakes good?

Hayes has invested considerable design time in reducing friction in the system and the beautifully light and balanced lever action should be considered a great success, late braking is very intuitive, easy to dose and very effective.

Are Hayes disc brakes hydraulic?

The Hayes is also a self-adjusting, open-type hydraulic system. The right- and left-hand master cylinders are exactly the same item, and you can reverse the levers without inverting the reservoirs, unlike with the Shimano brake.

Who owns Kelsey Hayes?

TRW Automotive
ZF TRW Automotive Holdings Corp.
Kelsey Hayes Co/Parent organizations
2813), as amended, the Department of Labor issued a Certification of Eligibility to Apply for Worker Adjustment Assistance and Alternative Trade Adjustment Assistance on February 4, 2009, applicable to workers of Kelsey-Hayes Company, a subsidiary of TRW Automotive Holding Corporation, Livonia, Michigan.

Are Hayes Nine brakes good?

We’ve used hundreds of sets of Hayes Nine brakes in our years of bike testing and these faithful speed eaters are still some of the best basic brakes around. They’re super consistent at the highest Alpine temperatures too, and while we eventually warped the rotor on the dyno, the brake itself was absolutely fine.

Does Hayes own Reynolds?

Yesterday evening the final decision was announced: US bicycle components supplier Hayes Performance Systems, owner of the brands Hayes, Manitou, Sunringlé, ProTaper MTB and Wheelsmith, is taking over the carbon-fiber wheel expert Reynolds Cycling LLC. The acquisition comes after months of intensive discussions.

Does Hayes own Manitou?

In 2006, Hayes Performance Systems acquired Manitou.

What fluid does the Hayes sole use?

First things first: the Hayes system uses DOT 3 or DOT 4 mechanical brake fluid.