What happened to Ann Judson?

What happened to Ann Judson?

After her husband’s release they both remained in Burma to continue their work. Ann died at Amherst, Lower Burma, of smallpox in 1826.

What did Ann Judson do?

With her translation of the Gospel of Matthew in 1819, Ann was the first person to translate any part of the Bible into Siamese (Thai). She also translated the Books of Daniel and Jonah into Burmese and wrote a Burmese catechism.

When did Ann Judson get married?

February 5, 1812
After attending Bradford Academy, she married Adoniram Judson, a Congregationalist minister, on February 5, 1812. The Judsons left for missionary work in India the following day.

Where is Adoniram Judson buried?

Burial Hill, Plymouth, MAAdoniram Judson / Place of burial

On April 12, 1850, he died at age 61 on board ship in the Bay of Bengal and was buried at sea, having spent 37 years in missionary service abroad with only one trip back home to America. A memorial to Judson was built on Burial Hill in Plymouth, Massachusetts.

How many years after Adoniram arrived in Burma did he baptize the first convert?

Six years
Six years after his arrival, the first Christian service in the Burmese language was held in April 1819 and the first Burman convert was baptized in June. In 1823 the Judsons and Dr. Price, who had joined the mission, left Rangoon for Ava, where the missionaries had been given land by the King.

Who was the first female missionary?

Abstract: In 1812, Ann Hasseltine Judson was one of the first two American women to go abroad as missionary wives.

What did Adoniram Judson do in Burma?

Adoniram Judson, (born Aug. 9, 1788, Malden, Mass., U.S.—died April 12, 1850, at sea, Indian Ocean), American linguist and Baptist missionary in Myanmar (Burma), who translated the Bible into Burmese and wrote a now standard Burmese dictionary.

Where was Adoniram Judson from?

Malden, MAAdoniram Judson / Place of birth

Who baptized Adoniram Judson?

William Carey
During the four-month voyage, the couple carefully studied the baptismal positions of the English Baptists in order to controvert the Baptist position; however, when they arrived at Calcutta, they adopted Baptist principles and were baptized by William Carey.

Who was the first woman foreign missionary in the AG?

America’s First Female Foreign Missionary: Ann Judson in Burma.

In which book of the Bible is Clement first mentioned?

the Canons of the Apostles
First Clement is listed as canonical in “Canon 85” of the Canons of the Apostles, showing that First Clement had canonical rank in at least some regions of early Christendom.

Where did Adoniram Judson go to college?

Brown University
Andover Theological Seminary
Adoniram Judson/Education
Born in Malden, Massachusetts, the son of Adoniram Judson, Sr., a Congregational clergyman, and Abigail (Brown), Judson graduated from Brown University (B.A., M.A.) and in the first class of Andover Theological Seminary (1810).