What happened Suchi leaks?

What happened Suchi leaks?

Popularly known as ‘Suchi Leaks,’ the controversy tarnished the image of the singer and those who were concerned. Her husband, Karthik Kumar, released a video and said that Suchi’s account was hacked. Later, Suchitra and Karthik Kumar got separated and divorced.

Who is the husband of Suchitra?

Karthik Kumar
Suchitra Ramadurai (Bigg Boss Tamil 4) Height, Age, Husband, Family, Biography & More

Husband/Spouse Karthik Kumar (owns a theatre company) (2005-2017)
Parents Father- Ramadurai. J Mother- Padmaja
Siblings She has a sister Sunitha.
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How old is Suchitra?

39 years (August 14, 1982)Suchitra / Age

Is Suchitra a Malayali?

Suchitra Murali, commonly known by her stage name Suchitra, is an Indian film actress. Debuting in a lead role with the 1990 film No. 20 Madras Mail at the age of 14, she has appeared mostly in Malayalam films as well as a few films in Tamil….

Suchitra Murali
Spouse(s) Murali (2002–present)
Children Neha

What is Suchitra doing now?

Suchitra is now a singer-songwriter as well, composing music on her own and in collaboration with Singer Ranjith. Her YouTube channel ‘Suchislife’ has all her updated work.

What is Suchi controversy?

Famous singer and radio jockey Suchitra Karthik became the centre of attention when she started hanging dirty laundry of many Kollywood celebs out in the open. The drama unfolded on Twitter when she accused Dhanush and composer Anirudh of drugging and sexually assaulting her at a party.

Why did Suchi Karthik divorce?

Suchitra admitted to the media portal that when her ex-husband did all of that, she was going through depression and it was a difficult time for her. She felt that he could have done all that he did in a more dignified way. Reportedly, Karthik felt the same way and eventually took the videos down.

Does Suchi cheat on Srikant?

In the show, it is heavily implied that Suchi cheated on Srikant with her coworker, Arvind, played by Sharad Kelkar.

How old is Karthik Kumar?

44 years (November 21, 1977)Karthik Kumar / Age