What does a PICAXE 08M2 do?

What does a PICAXE 08M2 do?

The most commonly used chip is the 08M2, which can be used with the Kitronik Development Board. This board gives you an IC socket to put the chip into, terminal blocks for quickly attaching inputs and outputs and an on board stereo jack where the programming cable can be inserted.

What is 08M2?

• The M2 parts replaces all of the A/M/X parts and so give a much higher memory capacity (2048 bytes, up to 1800 lines of program) than the older 256 byte M parts, – so as an example the 08M2 gives 8x the memory capacity of the older 08M for no extra cost (at educational full tube pricing).

What does PICAXE stand for?

PICAXE is a microcontroller system based on a range of Microchip PIC microcontrollers. PICAXE devices are Microchip PIC devices with pre-programmed firmware that enables bootloading of code directly from a PC, simplifying hobbyist embedded development (not unlike the Arduino and Parallax BASIC Stamp systems).

What is a 08M2 microcontroller?

PICAXE-08M2 microcontroller. The smallest, but most popular, PICAXE microcontroller. Very popular in education due to its low cost and small size, but also very popular in a wide range of hobbyist projects. Small but perfectly formed! This chip supports up to 6 inputs/outputs with 3 analogue/touch sensor channels.

What is the difference between the M2 and X2 series of chips?

The M2 series chips are the standard devices allowing up to 1800 lines of BASIC code and common interfacing protocols such as RS232 (serial), infra-red and I2C. They also support parallel task processing. The X2 series have a larger memory capacity for longer programs and more variables (RAM).

What are PICAXE chips?

A PICAXE chip is a standard Microchip PIC microcontroller that has been pre-programmed with the PICAXE bootstrap firmware code. The bootstrap code enables the PICAXE microcontroller to be re-programmed ‘in position’ directly via a simple ‘three wire’ download cable connection.

What is a PICAXE board?

A small self assembly board to allow rapid prototyping of PICAXE-08M2 circuits. The board is supplied with all essential PCB components including IC and download socket, has a prototyping area upon which small circuits can be built and it can be used as a break-out board for larger projects.

What does a PICAXE microcontroller do?

A PICAXE microcontroller is a Microchip PIC microcontroller that has been preprogrammed with the PICAXE bootstrap code. The bootstrap code enables the microcontroller to be reprogrammed without the need for an (expensive) conventional programmer, making the whole download system a very low-cost simple serial cable!

What was PICAXE made for?

Originally designed as an educational system for schools, the PICAXE system has now also been widely adopted by hundreds of thousands of ‘hobbyists’ due to its ease of use. Each year thousands of high school students are also introduced to electronics and microcontrollers via building a PICAXE project.

What is microcontroller in embedded system?

A microcontroller is a compact integrated circuit designed to govern a specific operation in an embedded system. A typical microcontroller includes a processor, memory and input/output (I/O) peripherals on a single chip.

When was PICAXE invented?

The first PICAXE was the brainchild of Clive Seager and was based on the PIC16F872 microcontroller introduced by Microchip in 1999.