How much do aestheticians make in NJ?

How much do aestheticians make in NJ?

The average salary for a esthetician is $21.01 per hour in New Jersey.

How much does a medical esthetician make in NJ?

How much does a Licensed Medical Esthetician make in New Jersey? The average Licensed Medical Esthetician salary in New Jersey is $54,480 as of December 27, 2021, but the range typically falls between $49,190 and $62,540.

How much do aestheticians make starting out?

The income ranges from around $18,000 per year for a starting salary to $60,000 per year for top 10%. Few factors affect the pay rate for an Esthetician such as location, specialization, and a type of employer. For example, the top paying employers are medical locations such as medical spas and hospitals.

Do aestheticians get paid well?

Estheticians, also called aestheticians and skincare specialists, earned a median of $34,090 per year ($16.39 per hour) as of 2019. Top earners in esthetics can make good money: The top 10% of estheticians in terms of pay earn more than $30 per hour as of 2019, while the lowest 10% in pay made under $9.85.

How long is esthetician school in NJ?

600 hours
To become a licensed skin care professional, New Jersey requires completion of a licensed esthetics program consisting of 600 hours of training and successfully passing the written and practical examinations for esthetician licensure.

Where do estheticians make the most money?

Best-Paying States for Estheticians The states and districts that pay Estheticians and Skincare Specialists the highest mean salary are Colorado ($58,480), Washington ($56,940), Hawaii ($54,450), Connecticut ($52,740), and Oklahoma ($52,510).

What can estheticians do in NJ?

Skin care is one of the biggest specialties in beauty, giving people the chance to have younger, smoother, and healthier skin. As an esthetician, you can make it happen with chemical products, electrical apparatus, machines, and massage techniques.