How many flavours of Chewits are there?

How many flavours of Chewits are there?

Currently Chewits core flavour range includes Strawberry, Blackcurrant, Fruit Salad, Lemon Xtreme, Cola , Blue Raspberry , and Cherry, . Ice Cream Chewits, originally released in 1989, were re-introduced in 2009 following an online petition and demand expressed on Facebook and Bebo.

Are Chewits discontinued?

Hello, unfortunately we no longer produce Ice-Cream Chewits anymore. Thank CHEW! I’m mortified why was the range discontinued?

What are Chewits called now?

Fun fact: the soft, chewable sweet was first called Chewzits, but the creator decided to change its name after two years. Cloetta, the company that manufactures and sells Chewits, has launched the Facebook app “Chewie on the Loose” and plans to have competitions and giveaways later this year to mark the anniversary.

What flavour is the yellow Chewits?

These Chewits are a lovely fruit salad flavour.

How many Chewits are in a 30g pack?

Chewits Strawberry Flavour Sweets 30 g (Pack of 40) : Grocery.

Are Chewits British?

Chewits was launched in the UK in 1965 as a chew sweet.

Is Fruitella a starburst?

What are Fruitella? Fruitella is a British sweet popular in the UK, and is typically sold in a stick or bag of the chews. They are similar to Starburst or Chewits, as each candy is individually wrapped and has real fruit juice to make the various fruit flavours in each pack.

How many Chewits are in a stick pack?

Chewits Strawberry Flavour Sweets 30 g (Pack of 40) : Grocery.

How much sugar is in a tube of Chewits?


Typical Values per 100g Per stickpack
Carbohydrate 88g 26g
of which sugars 50g 15g
Protein 0g 0g
Salt 0.03g 0.01g

Who invented Chewits?

J Arthur Holland
It all started in 1963 when J Arthur Holland invented ‘Chewzits’, a softer version of the chew many love today. Just two years and a quick name change later Chewits was born in its original flavour – Orange.

Is Fruitella Strawberry a chewing gum?

Fruit-tella Chewy sweets with Blackcurrant Flavour (20sticks *36g……Fruit-tella Strawberry Stick Pack Strawberry Chewing Gum (720 g)

Brand Fruit-tella
Food Preference Vegetarian
Nutrient Content Typical Values Per 100g Carbohydrate 83g -sugars 55g Protein 0,8g Salt 0,03g