How long is cargo space in Subaru Outback?

How long is cargo space in Subaru Outback?

How Big Is The Inside Of A Subaru Outback? With the 60-40 split-flat folding rear back seats down, your cargo bed’s 32.5 cubid feet grows to become 75.7 cubic feet of carrying space. Length of 75 inches and the widths remain the same at 45.2 inches at the beltline and 43.2 inches between the wheel housings.

How long is the cargo area of a Subaru Forester?

182.1 inches long
The 2021 Subaru Forester also leaves plenty of room for your most important cargo: your family and friends. At 182.1 inches long, there’s still plenty of space for five people to sit comfortably….Forester Passenger Room.

Front Legroom: 43.3 inches
Rear Headroom: 39.6 inches

How long is the inside of a Mazda 3?

2021 Mazda 3 Specs & Features

EPA interior volume 106.0 cu.ft.
Ground clearance 5.5 in.
Height 56.9 in.
Length 183.5 in.

How long is the cargo space in Subaru Crosstrek?

20.8 cubic feet
Exterior & Interior Dimensions of the Subaru Crosstrek The Crosstrek has a length of 176.5 inches, a width of 71.0 inches, and a height of 63.6 inches. There is lots of room to pack the cabin of the Crosstrek with groceries or other recreational items since there is 20.8 cubic feet of cargo volume.

How long is Subaru Forester?

182.1 inches
Length: 182.1 inches. Width: 71.5 inches. Height (without roof rails): 67.5 inches.

How long is a 2011 Subaru Outback?

188.2″2011 Subaru Outback / Length

How long is Subaru Outback?

Length Width Wheelbase
189.9 inches 72.4 inches 108.1 inches

What is the length of the 2021 Subaru Crosstrek?

176.5″2021 Subaru Crosstrek / Length

Is the Mazda3 spacious?

The spacious, comfy front seats are ideal for adults, but the same can’t be said about the back seats. Head- and legroom are limited in the rear, so it’s more suitable for children. Rear visibility is also limited. Standard comfort features include cloth upholstery.

How many feet long is a Mazda3?

2020 Mazda 3 Specs & Features

Height 56.9 in.
Length 183.5 in.
Overall Width without Mirrors 70.7 in.
Turning circle 34.8 ft.

How long is a Subaru Impreza?

176.2 to 182.7″2021 Subaru Impreza / Length

How tall is a 2011 Subaru Outback?

65.7″2011 Subaru Outback / Height