How does tutor matching service work?

How does tutor matching service work?

Tutor Matching Service pays the bills by charging students a 10% service fee on all tutoring sessions booked. So, if a tutor’s rate is $10 per hour, Tutor Matching Service will pay him/her the full $10, and the student (tutee) will be charged $11 per hour.

How do you join a GoBoard?

It’s easy to get started using GoBoard. The tutor just sends a link that the student clicks on to enter the “GoBoard” room where they will meet at the time of the tutoring session. If an online session is booked through Tutor Matching Service, the link will be automatically provided in the booking confirmation email.

Who owns GoBoard?

GoBoard was envisioned and created by StudyEdge, a learning science company dedicated to students’ mastery in STEM education.

What is GoBoard tutoring?

GoBoard is an online platform that includes video conferencing, chat, and an interactive canvas for you and your tutor. You don’t have to download anything to use it—just follow the link provided by your tutor to enter the tutoring room!

How many people can be in a GoBoard?

5 individuals
How many people can use GoBoard? GoBoard Pro accounts include a capacity of up to 5 individuals per room.

Is GoBoard waterproof?

GoBoard® is a waterproof, ultra-lightweight, tile backer board from Johns Manville. It is a Polyiso foam board engineered for durability yet is up to 80% lighter than cement boards. It’s easy to handle, cut and install – ideal for both contractors and DIYers to complete the tile project faster.

What is GoBoard made of?

GoBoard is comprised of proprietary coated fiberglass mats on the outside—providing excellent bonding and stiffness—and a core made of high-density polyisocyanurate (“polyiso”) closed-cell foam, which provides strength, durability, and built-in waterproofing abilities.

How do I use GoBoard with iPad?

You can access GoBoard from an iPad, tablet, laptop, or desktop device by opening up a web browser and clicking a GoBoard link. There is nothing to download. GoBoard is not mobile-friendly.

Can GoBoard be used on the floor?

Can GoBoard be installed over concrete floors? Yes, the concrete floor must be clean and fully cured, and surface imperfections must be pre-filled with mortar prior to GoBoard installation. Laminate GoBoard to a concrete floor by fully embedding it in mortar.

Can I use GoBoard around a fireplace?

You can use Hardiebacker board around your fireplace. However, there is a key difference between “around” and “on.” Your fireplace footing is made from masonry material that needs to remain in place. It cannot be replaced and should not be covered up with more flammable materials.

Does GoBoard need to be waterproofed?

GoBoard itself is waterproof. To ensure a waterproof tile assembly, all fastener locations and joints (between boards, at corners and for other changes of plane) must be sealed completely with GoBoard® Sealant or a waterproof sealant (see for approved alternative sealants).

Can you tile over GoBoard?

Simply cut with a utility knife and attach with GoBoard® Fasteners or GoBoard® Washers. Seal only the board joints and fastener locations for a waterproof tile assembly per GoBoard® installation instructions. Complete tile projects in half the time or less with no mess.