How do I redeem a code on WileyPLUS?

How do I redeem a code on WileyPLUS?

Read and accept the Terms of Service agreement and press Continue Page 9 Redeeming your WileyPLUS code After accepting the Terms of Service agreement, select ‘I have a Registration Code’, paste in your registration code (which you have copied from the email) and press Continue Page 10 Redeeming your WileyPLUS code Next …

Do I have to pay for Cengage?

A) No, Cengage Unlimited is a student choice. Depending on your schedule and/or the number of Cengage digital products adopted for their courses it may sometimes be less expensive to purchase than the products-in-use vs. Cengage Unlimited. The more Cengage materials you need, the greater the Cengage Unlimited value!

How do you get tophat answers?

Checking your answers in a Top Hat quiz

  1. Launch the Top Hat app on your phone or iPad and put in the code given you by the instructor.
  2. Click on ‘Assigned’ at the bottom. You will see your assigned questions.

How much does cengage MindTap cost?

It’s a subscription to all Cengage products—including MindTap. Students pay a flat rate for everything Cengage has to offer; this means, they get MindTap, along with any other course materials they need (that’s access to over 22K products!) for $119.99 a semester.

How do you submit an answer on Webassign?

How you submit answers depends on the Assignment Submission rule displayed at the top of your assignment.

  1. Read the Assignment Submission and Assignment Scoring rules at the top of your assignment.
  2. Click either Submit Answer or Submit Assignment to submit your work for grading.

What is cengage MindTap?

MindTap from Cengage Learning represents a new approach to a highly personalized, online learning platform. A cloud-based learning solution, MindTap combines all of your learning tools – readings, multimedia, activities and assessments into a singular Learning Path that guides you through the curriculum.

Does chegg have cengage answers?

Below are Chegg supported textbooks by Cengage Learning. Select a textbook to see worked-out Solutions.

What does the dashboard allow you to do cengage?

Dashboard. The MindTap dashboard makes forgotten due dates a thing of the past by ensuring current and upcoming assignments appear front and center at log in. An at-a-glance view of individual performance shows students how they’re doing at all times, while the green dot keeps them motivated and progressing.

How do you write powers in WileyPLUS?

Answer Expert Verified On WileyPlus exponential or scientific notation can be written using a capitalized “E”, with plus “+” or minus “-” symbols being used to denote positivity or negativity.

What is immediately to the left of the Submit answer button?

If enabled by the instructor, question assistance options will be available just below the question content (eTextbook, hint, etc…). What is immediately to the left of the “Submit Answer” button? In this question window, you will see a hint available below the question.