Does Bramblestar still love Squirrelflight?

Does Bramblestar still love Squirrelflight?

Brambleclaw and Squirrelflight are mates. They remained mates for a while and Brambleclaw and Squirrelflight had kits, Hollyleaf, Jayfeather, and Lionblaze. …

Who is the imposter in Bramblestar’s body?

Bramblestar’s impostor was a former leader of ThunderClan in the lake territories. He was a spirit that possessed the body of the ThunderClan leader, Bramblestar, having been able to force out Bramblestar’s spirit when he lost a life during an unusual attempt to cure him from an illness.

Is Squirrelflight dead?

Squirrelflight takes over Bramblestar’s duties as he falls ill, and when he dies, she is overcome with grief, refusing to take up leadership. When he is revived, she is overjoyed, returning to her position as deputy.

Who is the oldest warrior cat alive?


Is Ashfur Squirrelflight’s uncle?

Brindleface also had Ashfur and Ferncloud. Ashfur is Squirrelflight’s HALF UNCLE.

Who is the oldest cat in the world?

Creme Puff

Who did Briarlight love?


Who is Ashfur’s father?

Ferncloud was a ThunderClan queen under Firestar’s leadership in the forest and lake territories. She was born as Fernkit to Whitestorm and Brindleface alongside Ashkit, and Elderkit and Tulipkit, who both died young. She soon gained Cloudkit as a foster brother after two of her siblings died.

How did Pikepaw die?

Pikepaw died from catching a poisoned rat.

Who will graystripe choose in StarClan?


How old is Bramblestar?

around 112 moons old

Who did Squirrelflight love?


Who is the leader after Bramblestar?


Why did Jayfeather break his stick?

Description. Jayfeather’s stick is a big, long, smooth, slender, and pale piece of wood. However, Jayfeather snapped it in half due to being angry with Rock.