Do you keep soul patch with beard?

Do you keep soul patch with beard?

Typically the soul patch style involves leaving the tuft of hair that grows out from under your bottom lip, while shaving some or all of the surrounding facial hair. It can be wider or longer depending on the person and the style chosen.

Should I shave off my soul patch?

Don’t trim away the beardiest parts Soul patch, flavor saver, the mouche (???) —whatever the name, it isn’t a beard so much as a prolapsed mustache.

Is a soul patch still in style?

The soul patch is one of the best facial hair styles if you want something that requires minimal maintenance. If you’re wondering what a soul patch is – it’s a type of “beard” that requires a cluster of hair under your chin. No wonder soul patch styles are making a comeback.

Should I have a soul patch with mustache?

There’s no limit to the number of ways you can sport a soul patch. With or without a mustache, goatee, sideburns, short or long hair, the soul patch is versatile for any men’s style.

Is a beard without mustache OK?

The only thing you should care about is whether beard styles without mustache flatter your facial features and the shape of your face. What is this? Going with beard styles without mustache is perfect for guys with a diamond-shaped or elongated face because it broadens your chin base and balances out your features.

What does savor the flavor mean?

1 : to give flavor to : season. 2a : to have experience of : taste. b : to taste or smell with pleasure : relish. c : to delight in : enjoy savoring the moment.

Is a mustache a flavor saver?

A soul patch is defined as a tuft of hair that grows under the bottom lip. It’s one of five distinct areas on a man’s face where facial hair grows—the other four being the mustache, chin (goatee), cheeks, and neck—and may also be known as a flavor saver, flava sava, jazz dot, cookie duster, or mouche.