Can I paint my brick fireplace grey?

Can I paint my brick fireplace grey?

Not quite the look I was hoping for 😉 But luckily, to paint your brick fireplace is an easy DIY project that anyone can do! The paint color I chose for our fireplace was Behr’s Elephant Skin, with a satin finish. (You can get it here.)

How do you Modernise a brick fireplace?

How do you modernize a red brick fireplace?

  1. Whitewash or paint the brick.
  2. Stucco over the brick.
  3. Add tile to the surround or whole fireplace.
  4. Add a new mantle to the existing fireplace.

Can you whitewash grey brick?

There is an alternative way can be done. The way is by firstly whitewashing the brick surface, no matter it is your interior walls, brick fireplace, or any others, by using white paint color after cleaning the surface thoroughly and then do the second color-washing by using gray paint color for finishing.

Should I paint or whitewash my brick fireplace?

While painting over brick with 100 percent latex paint will give the brick a solid, opaque color, whitewashing mutes the brick’s natural color with a translucent finish. The technique preserves the bricks’ natural, random variations, depending on how much paint is applied and how each individual brick absorbs it.

Can you change red brick to grey?

Changing brick color is feasible because bricks are porous and readily soak up stains and tints. Because older red brick walls may be discolored from years of weathering or prior layers of masonry sealer, any new stain application may dry with some color variations. An alternative to staining bricks is painting them.

Is it better to whitewash or paint brick?

Whitewash preserves the natural texture of the brick while bonding tenaciously to any masonry or coarse wood surface. Some people use paint that they thin out with water to create a similar look but it does not give quite the same result. When whitewash dries, it typically looks more opaque than when it’s wet.