Are Wattyl and solver the same?

Are Wattyl and solver the same?

Popular paint brand Solver, owned by Wattyl for almost three decades, has recently rebranded each of its 72 Paint Centres across the country to carry the name of its parent company, Wattyl. A family owned business for decades, Solver was purchased by the Wattyl Group in 1992.

Does Bunnings sell Wattyl paints?

While Wattyl’s exterior paints, like Solagard, and timber finishes, such as Estapol, are still in Bunnings stores, Nippon dominates the shelves and its arrival has seen the paint companies spending far more marketing dollars than they have for years. And Wattyl is now at a corporate crossroads.

Where is Wattyl sold?

Wattyl is a brand of architectural, decorative paints, special purpose and protective coatings sold throughout Australia and New Zealand.

What is the best exterior house paint in Australia?

Here are the best brands for house paint in Australia, as rated by consumers in Canstar Blue’s latest review:

  • Haymes Paint.
  • Solver Paints.
  • Dulux.
  • Taubmans.
  • Berger.
  • British Paints.
  • Wattyl.

Is Solver paint any good?

My husband is a painter so I asked him about your question. He said solver is a good product, and they’ve got a new range out called Ultra which is actually very good. He said the builders use solver because solver give them a very good price for it.

Where is Solver paint made?

Premium Paints For over a century, Wattyl and Solver together have manufactured premium quality paint in Australia. Extensive research and development continues to create consistent and accurate tint formulations, together with trusted paint performance and durability.

Who owns Wattyl paint?

Hempel GroupWattyl / Parent organization

Professional Paint Solutions Wattyl Australia and New Zealand is part of the Hempel Group, a world-leading supplier of trusted coating solutions. Hempel is a global company with strong values, working with customers in the decorative, marine, infrastructure and energy industries.

Is Wattyl paint made in Australia?

“We are still the same Wattyl – proudly made right here in Australia for Australian and New Zealand conditions. Our heritage of over 100 years of locally manufactured protection and innovation continues,” Crossingham said.

Who owns Wattyl Australia?

the Hempel Group

What brand of paint do professional painters use in Australia?

Dulux. Dulux is one of Australia and New Zealand’s most recognised and trusted paint brands.