Are Shimano Tiagra any good?

Are Shimano Tiagra any good?

Conclusion. Tiagra is a really impressive groupset. It does everything you want from a mid-level road bike with only a few minor quibbles. The biggest decision is whether you’re really fussed about having the 11-speed of Shimano’s more expensive 105.

Which is better Ultegra or Tiagra?

Shifting performance is much superior w/ Ultegra. 105 shifts better than Tiagra. In my opinion, Ultegra is the best value in the line up, with 105 a close 2nd.

What is the latest Shimano Tiagra?

Tiagra 4700
Tiagra 4700 is the latest groupset from Shimano to get a makeover, and in doing so it has made Tiagra the best it’s ever been. On its own, it’s not quite as good as the more expensive 105, but if you’re buying a new bike with Tiagra 4700, you won’t be disappointed. Tiagra is Shimano’s fourth-tier groupset.

Is Shimano Tiagra good for gravel?

Shimano Tiagra 4700 We must stress from the beginning – Tiagra is a road groupset, not a gravel groupset like Shimano GRX for example, although it’s perfectly suitable for light gravel riding.

Which is better Claris or Tiagra?

Though Shimano Claris is cheaper and beginner-friendly, it occupies the lowest end of the Shimano hierarchy. Conversely, Shimano Tiagra offers you better braking power and shifting and is lighter, making it the superior choice.

When did Tiagra become 10 speed?

Shimano Tiagra goes 10 speed for 2012.

Is Shimano GRX compatible with TIAGRA?

The only compatible combinations of Shimano’s GRX for gravel and TIAGRA for road bikes are TIAGRA/4700 series and 4600 series and GRX 10.

Is GRX 400 compatible with TIAGRA?

Looking at Shimano’s Compatibility Document one can see that indeed, Tiagra ST-4700 brifters are compatible with their rear derailleur model RD-RX400. Can’t blame you for wanting to stick with rim brakes.

Is it worth upgrading from Claris to Tiagra?

IMHO, the difference in quality when you go from Claris to Tiagra is really noticeable, and IMHO, worth it. If your frame is in good condition, then upgrading the groupset like this, would give you the feel of a whole new bike.