Why did they change the ugly stepsister voice in Shrek 2?

Why did they change the ugly stepsister voice in Shrek 2?

American chat show host King, who voices Ugly Sister 2, was replaced by British TV personality Jonathan Ross’ trademark lisp in the UK version. Shrek 2’s UK spokesperson Lawrence Atkinson explains: “It’s done purely for fun.

What is the name of the ugly stepsister in Shrek 2?

Doris is one of Cinderella’s step-sisters who first appears in Shrek 2 and again in Shrek the Third. She is included in Fiona’s princess circle, even though she is not a princess.

Who plays the drag queen on Shrek?

Trivia. Doris is voiced by Larry King in the US, and Jonathan Ross in the UK. She is seen as a cross-dressing male / Transgender woman to some viewers. In the Fairy Godmother’s factory, you can see two pictures of Doris.

Why is the ugly stepsister voice different?

It is simply a matter of having culturally significant voiceovers for different countries. Audiences relate better to figures they are more familiar with. You often get these types of audience-specific changes. They messed up the credits for the UK version too.

Who did Kate Thornton play in Shrek?

Joan Rivers
Kate Thornton is a TV presenter. She is best known for presenting “The X Factor”. She voiced Joan Rivers in the UK release of Shrek 2.

Is Jonathan Ross in Shrek?

In the UK release of Shrek 2, Doris was voiced by English presenter Jonathan Ross.

What is Princess Fiona’s last name?

There is only ONE Princess who’s name is Fiona in the kingdom of Far Far Away, so, she does not need one. But if a last name was required and she was not married, she would use the place her father rules over and be Fiona Far Far Away or Fiona of Far Far Away.

Why was Jonathan Ross replaced on Shrek 2?

Alternate Versions (6) In the UK version the voices of the Ugly Stepsister and Joan Rivers are provided by two British TV presenters, Jonathan Ross and Kate Thornton. The film was changed by the distributor during post-production to secure a ‘U’ rating in the UK.

Who is Shrek’s sister?

Princess Fiona is a fictional character in DreamWorks’ Shrek franchise, first appearing in the animated film Shrek (2001).

Who is the wife of Shrek?

Princess Fiona

Princess Fiona
Title Princess
Family King Harold (deceased father) Queen Lillian (mother) Arthur Pendragon (cousin)
Spouse Shrek
Children Felicia (daughter) Fergus (son) Farkle (son)

Who plays the bartender in Shrek 2?

Mark Moseley is the voice of Bartender in Shrek 2.