Who played Gidget in the 1980s?

Who played Gidget in the 1980s?

Portrayed by Sandra Dee Deborah Walley Cindy Carol Sally Field Karen Valentine Monie Ellis Caryn Richman Sabrina Kramnich
Voiced by Kathy Gori
In-universe information
Full name Franziska Hofer (novels) Frances Elizabeth Lawrence (TV and film)

Who played Gidget in The New Gidget?

Caryn Richman

Caryn Richman
Education Massapequa High School Syracuse University UCLA
Occupation Actress singer acting coach
Years active 1977–present
Television The New Gidget A Very Brady Christmas American Crime Story The Young and the Restless

Who played Gidget in remake?

Caryn Richman reprises her role as Gidget from Gidget’s Summer Reunion. This marks the only time the character got played by the same actress more than once.

How many seasons was Gidget on TV?

1Gidget / Number of seasons

Who played Gidget in the 60s?

Sally Field
Sally Field played the title role in the 1960s TV show “Gidget.” She was adventurous, sassy, charming — and even surfed.

Why didn’t Sandra Dee in Gidget Go Hawaiian?

Gidget went from a cute, tomboy to being just like her boy crazy friends in this film. Columbia wanted Sandra Dee to reprise her role, but she was under contract at Universal Pictures who would not release her for the film.

How old was Sally Field when she played Gidget?

When the series debuts, the character of Gidget is 15 1/2 years old. Sally Field, who played Gidget, was 18.

Where was Gidget Goes to Hawaii filmed?

the Royal Hawaiian Hotel
The film was shot on location at the Royal Hawaiian Hotel. Deborah Walley was doubled in surfing by Linda Benson.

Where was Gidget movie filmed?

The film was shot in just 26 days during June-July 1958 at Leo Carrillo State Park and Columbia Pictures Studios. Sandra Dee originally was going to film the sequel Gidget Goes Hawaiian but didn’t.