Who is the poet addressing his poem to describe the person?

Who is the poet addressing his poem to describe the person?

Answer. The poet is addressing his love, Maud Gonne, English heiress and Irish Revolutionary. She had soft, deep eyes and some sorrow on her face. She was graceful and loved by many.

What do you think the poet is addressing?

Answer: In Rudyard Kipling’s piece of didactic poetry “If,” he is speaking to his only son, John. In the poem, he addresses his son as “you,” while he provides instruction on becoming a man of virtue. He teaches his son how to act in a variety of situations, and how to treat people from all walks of life.

What is the moral of the story a tale of two birds?

The king told the story of the two birds. The Rishi gave him the moral of the story that “A person is recognized by the people who are friends to them. The first bird got the accompany of the robber and became like that; while the second bird lived in the company of saints. So he became like the saint”.

What is the rhyme scheme of the poem a house a home?


What lesson do we learn from a tale of two birds?

We learn from this poem that a person should not give company to bad people which makes themselves bad. The moral is : A person is know by the person who he friends or lives with. And we must friend with good people only.

How does the poet distinguish between a house and home which do you think is better?

The poet has tried to define and differentiate between a house and a home. He says that a house is made of bricks, stone and hardwood. It also has fine paints, chimney, window glass, doors, corridors, roof and tile floors. It is their unselfish acts of kindness and sharing towards one another that makes a house a home.

What did the first bird say to the stranger?

What did the first bird say to the stranger? Ans: The first bird cried out to the stranger to hurry up and come quick as there was someone under the tree. It said come and take away his jewels and his horse in a hurry, or else he would slip away.

What is Yeats most famous poem?

The Stolen Child was written in 1886 when Yeats was only 21. It is the most famous poem of his first published poetry collection The Wanderings of Oisin and Other Poems; and is regarded as one of his most important early works. Yeats had great interest in Irish mythology and the poem is based on Irish legends.

Who will be nodding by the fire?

Answer: According to the speaker in ‘When You are Old’, the lady will be grey and full of sleep when she sits nodding by the fire. Question 14. According to the speaker in ‘When You Are Old’, what did many admire the lady for?

What is a pilgrim soul?

The phrase “pilgrim soul” may refer to Gonne’s independent frame of mind, or perhaps her support for freedom and Irish nationalism. In any case, it is something unique to her in Yeats’ mind and separate from the more transient qualities of her beauty. The third stanza seems packed with meaning and power.

What does soft look refer to in when you are old?

The speaker imagines the addressee bending down to tend to a fire and muttering sadly about how love ran away to walk restlessly in the mountains and hide among the stars of the night. The speaker directly addresses someone else and asks this person to imagine old age, a time of grey hair and general tiredness.

Which house is the poet talking about?

grandmother’s house

What is the poet addressing?

The poet is addressing the poem to a woman. Whenever they come across a tragedy or haphazard they describe their pain in the form of poetry. Similarly, the poet is addressing in his poem a young lady with whom he fell in love.

What type of poem is when you are old?

“When You Are Old” has a tight and simple form, consisting of three stanzas, each of which are quatrains of iambic pentameter (with some variation). This poem takes a much earlier poem as its inspiration: “When You Are Very Old” by the 16th century French poet Pierre de Ronsard.

What was Patrick wish Class 6?

Answer: Patrick had saved the tiny man’s life from the cat by not handing him back to the cat. So he promised to fulfill one wish of Patrick. Answer: Patrick hated doing homework. His greatest wish was that the little man should do all his homework till the end of the session.

How is the journey from youth to old age described in the poem?

Explanation: The journey from youth to old age is well described in the poem ‘ when you are old’ in a way that touched the readers hearts. This poem says that when one start to grow old, all the troubles and struggles that he has faced will be seen in the form of his wrinkles.

What was the farmer comment on his wife fears?

What was the farmer’s comment on his wife’s fears? Answer: The farmer assured his wife that the mongoose was a friendly animal and it wouldn’t hurt their baby. The farmer also said that the mongoose was as sweet as their baby and they were best friends.

How does the poet define a house?

The poet describes that a house is a structure made up of bricks, marble and tiles that consists of doors, windows and walls. On the other hand, a home is a place where we reside with our loved ones with love and affection.

What does the phrase glad grace refer to?

Another argument that support this thesis and give us this feeling, is the alliteration “glad grace”, expressing that when she is young, beautiful and in her best moments of life many will be interested in her, but they can love her just with false or superficial love. He will love her anyway no matter what happens.